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By Skylerdude8928
What's up guys, new to Allsentra. I've been on b15u for a while now, and also in the Facebook forums. Some of you won't recognize me, but you may recognize the car. Probably hasn't been an active post on here for this car in about 6 years, but I'm the new owner of Jesse Duesler's built High Comp Spec V built by Travis at FI-R. Some of you guys have probably been waiting to hear more about this car and the build, maybe forgot it even existed. I've owned it for a little over a year now, I've hooked it up with the Uprev conversion as well as bigger injectors, and the b16 plastic plenum. Also had it dyno tuned, numbers were lower than expected. Couldn't pull more than 200whp for some odd reason. Here's a few pics of the car


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By Skylerdude8928
yogib777 wrote:welcome
always wondered what happened to that
glad it found a good owner

looks to be in good shape
excellent wheel fitment

and 200whp were hot numbers when that was built

Yeah man I'm kinda glad I picked it up.. kinda. Lol. Been nothing but issues but hopefully I'll have it all figured out soon.

But thanks man! It's in pretty decent shape. She's only got 87k miles.

But 200whp is super low for what's done to this car. If you take a closer look at the dyno graph, you can see where it levels off. Something is holding it back. Look at the way the graph is wavy, up and down up and down, not really sure where to start.

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By yogib777
needs turbo
just kidding

while na i never got more than 187whp
b16 rotating assembly, milled head, plenum, race exhaust, c1 cams, yada yada
went as far as extensively ported intake and vq tb
didn't matter
ImageDSCN0538_zps90084c93 by Barry Belgard, on Flickr

the 1st turbo, out of the gate
put out 394hp at the wheels
too much for me

now down to 347hp, 351 tq
very happy
turns 12s
and lamb like on the street
ImageDSCN0476 (2) by Barry Belgard, on Flickr

just my experience
By PopsMagoo
Hello Just joined. I've been a lurking member on other Nissan forums . I don't post much read posts. Having a few issues with my '05 Sentra hope to find some answers here
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