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eXcude wrote:2017-2012 I'm 99% sure all fit between each other.

Neg... typo 2007*-2012 (Refreshed version is from 2010-2012. I've only seen two aftermarket variants one with the amber side marker clear and the other Halogen Projectors w/ some LED's and Halos/Angel Eyes. (Blacked out or Chrome)

Your best bet is to retrofit projectors on some aftermarket OE's for a better/cleaner look.
eXcude wrote:So 2007-2009 lights don't fit 2010-2012 and vise-versa?

What did Nissan do? That doesn't seem like a wise way to keep production costs down.

No no... I was correcting the year you entered as 2017-2012 which was 2007... all B16 headlamps and tailed are interchangeable. If you like the old style you can swap out the refreshed versions and/or vise-versa.
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