Come introduce yourself before posting, don't be scared
By Dudz MgGee
New to the Sentra scene! Not new to car forums though. Howdy all! Hope everyone had a pleasant holiday.

Looking to tinker with the new car, and wanted to check out the water and see what kinda support is out there.

Unfortunately I'm not finding much! It'll be a learning curve with the new ride. I'll post what I find. Thanks guys. 8-)
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By BrooksyCC7
Make your first stop at, then take a look at the showoff threads. I would like to clarify which trim you have. Is it the SR or the SR Turbo?
By Dudz MgGee
Hey all! 2017 SR-Turbo Midnight Edition. 1.6T 6 speed manual. I thought I added my signature :x

We want to drop it 2" stiffen the chassis, free flow exhaust, and a nice intake.

The car came with a warranty, so I'm not going to tune it. Although, it looks extremely tempting due to the gains I've seen...

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