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By Klaphunk1
2 years ago I leased a Brandy new 2017 SR Midnight with plans on buying it out. I had thought about trading it in for a newer Nismo, or SR Turbo, but I don't really like the looks of them. So, far I've removed the intake plumbing. So, It has nice thromp. I have plans to do some TB work, and get a molded plastic intake pipe. I'm not a huge fan of exhaust systems, and i've never looked under the car to see if I can delete anything to ease the flow. Further down the road though I plan on adding a Ko3 turbo from a passat I've got laying around collecting dust. Oh, and I just added a little bump in the trunk. I think I need to add a cap my RPM's, and speed keep dropping when the bass drops lowwww........

Anyways that's my sentra story,

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