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Hey Nissan folks, I want to introduce myself, and get to know my 06 b15. I do have a couple q's. How can I see the 3rd party photos, and anecdotal stories of a 2.5 swap. I know there has to be tons of threads on the subject. The "how to" is not what I am asking about, tell me your experience, like "Would have bought a 350 z with the money" or "This swap changed my life for the better, I am literally swimming in the money I saved" Thanks for your time, and thank you sincerely for those who posted helpful and informative threads. you the real mvp
you have a 1.8 now?
and you wish to swap in a 2.5?

i would skip that
you will need a front clip from a spec or ser anyway and go straight to a vq swap
about the same trouble and nearly the same cost

these run well as they are nearly stock engines
so no reliability probs like a turbo qr
ImageBarry61_zpsc6ece1ab by Barry Belgard, on Flickr

my costs for a built na qr were very similar to a built vq
but much more power in the vq
ImageDSCN0116_zps3777b0ee by Barry Belgard, on Flickr
if absolute power for the lowest possible price,
is what your after

lets compare
bolt ons on a qr =180-200 whp still streetable
[i got 187whp in 2014]

vq swap with boltons= 250-280whp
[mine was built with 316whp]

turbo-built qr
394whp when delivered
[not streetable, could not drive it]

detuned to 360whp to 330whp [in three tunes]
an 11sec streetable engine, but high maintenance
ImageDSCN0484 (2) by Barry Belgard, on Flickr

figure out what you what
as you see hp is addictive

a little leads to more
and more
ccarr137 wrote: How can I see the 3rd party photos...

Unfortunately Photobucket fucked everyone in the world on forums, blogs, etc. that uses their service. If you're not aware, Photobucket is an image hosting site that EVERYONE used to host their photos on, then they link the photos on forums like this. Well, as of July of this year they started charging $400/year for users to post on third party sites. So all over the internet you'll see those "3rd Party Hosting" images because people don't want to go back through 10 years of images and fix them.

P.S. Fuck Photobucket

P.S.S. Clearly I used Photobucket
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