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By Psycosis
The FSM's are located right here on fsm :) :)
for easy finds here are the b16's


acc - Accelerator Control System
acs - Auto Cruise Control System
av - Audio, Visual, & Telephone System
bcs - Body Control System
bl - Body, Lock, & Security System
br - Brake System
brc - Brake Control System
cl - Clutch
co - Engine Cooling System
cvt - CVT
di - Driver Information System
ec - Engine Control System
ei - Exterior & Interior
em - Engine Mechanical
ex - Exhaust System
fax - Front Axle
fl - Fuel System
fsu - Front Suspension
fwd - Foreward/Quick Reference Index
gi - General Information
gw - Glass, Window System, & Mirrors
idx - Alphabetical Index
ip - Instrument Panel
lan - LAN System
lt - Lighting System
lu - Lubrication System
ma - Maintenance
mt - Manual Transaxle
mtc - Manual Air Conditioner
pb - Parking Brake System
pg - Power Supply, Ground & Circuit Elements
ps - Power Steering System
rax - Rear Axle
rf - Roof
rs - Rear Suspension
sb - Seat Belts
sc - Starting & Charging System
se - Seat
srs - Supplemental Restraint System
stc - Steering Control System
wt - Road Wheels & Tires
ww - Wiper, Washer, & Horn
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By Tonez
How many times are we going to have the FSM and abbreviations posted? lol
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By Tonez
Umm, I put them into all of the FSM threads back in
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By Tonez
duesMANdella wrote:We should make a big FSM thread with a link on top of the forum

I think you should do that. I think that would be better than 16 different places on the forum...

But then again, I guess it is easy to find if it is all over the forum
I have the FSM for 2010-2011 MY Sentras. Who do I need to talk to for it to be uploaded?
Send a PM to duesMANdella so he can get them into the system. Thanks!
Hey, i know this is an old thread. But i gotta bump for the 2011 FSM
SER4lyfe wrote:Hey, i know this is an old thread. But i gotta bump for the 2011 FSM

There's no need to bump a sticky, it doesn't move.
No response from duesmandella....

Give me a PM and I shall provide! I think it would be a matter of temporary access/privileges and me uploading the files which I'd LOVE to do.
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