Car things for sale or trade

This thread will be dedicated to the parts I have that are for sale. I am still in the process of taking parts off the car from day to day and will keep updating the thread as parts come off.

Parts for sale are as follows.

1.In Mint Condition VIS Carbon Fiber hood for 2007-2012 Nissan Sentra Base/SER/SpecV. I have more photos upon request. Selling for 650$. Will ship at the buyers expense, however picked up is preferable. Located in Melbourne Florida.

Thank you,
Will definitely be watching this thread closely. Its a shame to see it happen but everyone has a time sometime. Good shit Sam
Any spacers for sale? :D
ProTo20 wrote:
eXcude wrote:Any spacers for sale? :D

Yes, 2 H&R DRS 15mm with the extended studs to go with it. 85$ shipped

I think 15mm would be pushing it with my 35mm offset on the front.
HyBr1D wrote:Yep, on my good side +32 I have a bit of poke... like 1 or 2mm

In the rear?
Yeah, but it's very little.. with the -2.12 degree camber they tuck in when I hit grooves and bumps. To my knowledge the car is able to handle +30 offset but that also depends on the width you're trying to put in as well. I would assume those numbers are regarding stock or close to stock width... 6"~7.5", 8"+ anything lower than a +35 will poke probably.
ProTo20 wrote:x9 +45 is max for the rear,

x9 + 25 is max for the front

If you are looking to be flush.

Plugging this claim into 'willtheyfit' and adding what would be my setup with 15mm spacer it's pretty close.

it would be 18x8.5 +20mm for the front, +35mm for the rear


Then once I do that I'm gonna want more low, it's a vicious cycle. :D

This should be posted as public knowledge, we're gonna miss all your B16 knowledge Proto :(
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