Car things for sale or trade
By Sandycheeks
I have a 2007 Black Spec V I’m parting out. Let me know what you need. I have a manifold with cats an$ a header without. The engine is good with 110,000 miles and the 6 speed transmission. No clutch, fron5 or rear bumper, driver fender or door.

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By CrickiKaze
how much for the plenum?
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By CrickiKaze
Where are you located?

May be interested in the tranny, and do you still have the coil packs?
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By CrickiKaze
How much for the packs?

Too far away for the tranny.
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By CrickiKaze
What's up on the coil packs?
By Sandycheeks
I sold the car and the engine. The coil packs went with the engine. I do have the steering wheel airbag w/Cruise control, manifold with cats and less than 200 miles on it with heat shields, blinker and windshield wiper assembly behind airbag, CV axles right and left, 6 speed transmission.
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