Car things for sale or trade
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By eoak134
Traded in the Spec V so won't be needing this any longer. Never actually installed it on the car, only used by one previous owner. I can ship anywhere in continental US for $220.
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By eoak134
Still Available.
I also have a Razo Type 340 gram shift knob for 20$ shipped.
TWM shifter bushings 35$ shipped
Driver side mirror painted black 20$ shipped.
By 4josephj
I only say that because I paid $350 for the 2 from tops, and both rears only thing was he never sent them to me, pretty much lo and him $350 for 6+mos interest free..
By 4josephj
Yea not expecting a come back from that. I was thinking about buying a welder again and fabricating some of my own. I'll post them up here if I do.

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