Car things for sale or trade
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By bobbychet
Well I traded in my B16 after 270K tranny went out.
I pulled what I could before I traded it in.
I have a complete set of weathertech window deflectors including the
Sunroof deflector. I also have the driver/passenger weathertech floor mats
and the trunk weathertech mat too. I also have a 10 inch sub that was housed in a fiberglass enclosure
That was formed arond the left wheel well.
I'd like to find someone in the Pacific Northwest to sell it to but will ship if I have to.
But it will take a couple of boxes.
Let me know if you are interested and we will dicker on a price or trade.
Thanks for your time
bobbychet wrote:still have these items for sale... I'll consider trades too!
shippings not a problem I can ship from my work place
How much for window deflectors only? and How much for window & sunroof deflectors together?

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