If you have an idea for a group buy, see if there is interest first
By Alen

Black Friday Sale! Get it for $259.99

Hello all,

The site is up and running, and the lower torque mount is available for purchase now!


Price is $324.99, first ten people to contact me get a $35 coupon code to use.

Codes will be given in order of time received.

Let's make this do well, because we do need more support for our community.
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By DbrainX
Good stuff Alen, sadly mine is still in R&D hopefully they come through aswell!
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By nissannad88
Interested, I snapped my Jim's one and need new one
By Alen
k guys quick little update.

These were supposed to be available for order on Monday, but they had problems with their "shop now" portion of the website.

Long story short, the whole page needs to be updated, so there is a little bit of downtime.

This is still happening, it's just a matter of having the website in order.
By Alen
Hey guys,

According to who handles their website, the updated site SHOULD be up and running tomorrow.

Made of steel, and 3/8th thick...info for "he who shall not be named". There will also be a warranty on it.

FIrst 10 people will get a discount, so be ready. Also, let's have this go well, because they want to do more for us in the future!


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By nissannad88
Nice job !

But why is it on an angle like this ? Thought that lower mount was straight ?
By Alen
the holes on the car don't line up either, unlike the racingline mount, this is a full replacement so there had to be a bend to get everything to line up.
Alright so If it works on the spec, it should works on the 2.0 with no problem right ? even with that bend ?

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