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i have been using these studs for over 10 years
thru many engines and shenanigans
no probs

suddenly, like, snap ,crackle, pop
they start breaking
one after the other

all in the same place
when we got to 3
two on hard braking

i freaked
i had lost a wheel prior to this
nothing i wished to repeat

so i compare them to the 2j studs, i bought but never installed
where these broke, the 2j ones are thicker

what was up
joe told me, the nissan motorsports parts were racing studs, designed to be replaced every 2-3 years
i had no business using them for 10

who knew racing studs are hardened
may get brittle over time

should be looked at as replaceable parts, like rotors and coil overs

so this is a back handed recommendation of these parts
designed for 3 years of hard use
they went over 10

yes, all the remaining 10 year old studs have been replaced
and we went over every part on the car, older than 2 years
eXcude / 2012 Spec-V / Maine

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