Let's see what you've done to your car
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By Salt_Life87
Was wondering how I can spruce up my B16 here. It's pretty much stock right now.. I am going to be doing some projects when the b/f comes home in Sept. Would really like to get my hubs painted to a pink color but the wheels would be black. Anyone have any suggestions?? I need some tips. My car is pretty basic and it looks like a grandma's car or an 80 year old lady that should be driving it and I'm only 27 haha.. Thanks!!

Thanks! How much for the grille? I want to start out small since I don't have a lot of $$ to play around with haha.. like my wheels (hubs) need to either be dipped or spray painted lol they are started to crack and it sucks.. can't afford to buy new wheels for my car although it would be super nice!
By yogib777


add some color
[ok, i went a little extreme lol]

take the hubcaps off
paint the steel wheels pink for now

some inexpensive lowering springs

and if you're not into performance driving
leave it that way

if you are, go for tweeds bars next

or if you want
summit has steel wheels in all kinds of colors
inexpensive too
a different color perhaps but somthing like this


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