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By FaboNick
Austin in the house!
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By willms81™

for all the new Texas members! Lets us know you're here!
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By KingDNH
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By willms81™
There around...just for some reason most of them don't post in this thread.
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By SpecV2008
ya know, today would have been PERFECT for a TX meet...
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By willms81™
It would have. Justin is back from NTC so lets get started on a central Texas meet like I had described before. Anyone have a preference on a date?
By pentiumradeon
Ive only seen like 3 other spec vs's in the rio grande valley since i bought mine which was about a year ago. :(
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By duesMANdella
QR25DE_SpecV wrote:Hey Texas guys, check this shit out:

If you don't want to run that's fine but at least come out and have a good time. If that doesn't appeal to you, I'll let you borrow my helmet and you can ride shotgun with some of the instructors in their high HP track cars.

Do what he said!
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By willms81™
Lets DO EEETTT!!!!
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By Starkles
QR25DE_SpecV wrote:Lol If anyone is considering the drive, I'll even offer my couch to anyone needing a place to crash.

So we can pillage through your house while you're sleeping and steal off your shit?
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