Show them how it's done
By PetterJhon
Hello everyone,,
Tools Needed

- Assorted Sand Paper

- Perferably Lucky Patcher Kodi a Palm Sander

- Sand blaster as a better option

- Water

- Soap

- Rags

- Paint of your choice (I use Engine Enamel)

- Painters Tape

- Sunny day with LOW humidity!!!

- Rims


1) Grab your rims, and clean the crap out of them with soap and water, inside and out.

2) Dry them off, OR let mother nature's beautiful rays of light dry them for you.

3) Use sand paper and sand the inside of the rims and the outside, till any damage and or rough surface is gone.

4) Re Wash rims with soap and water, making sure any and ALL debris is gone, the Better you do this, the better the rims will come out in the long run.

5) Find a place to paint them, a lawn works well, just remember to use a bag or cardboard to protect lawn from overspray.

6) Paint the INSIDE FIRST. This way, they will have an even coat, when you look through from the outside, in.

7) Let dry, then apply another coat.

8) Repeat step 7, one or two more times depending on your paint option and your painting abilities.

9) When dry, Flip rims over, and paint the outside. Start with between the spokes first, and the hub section, then work on the ribs themselves.

10) repeat steps 7 and 8 on the outside of the rim.

11) Enjoy the beauty of your work, AND LET DRY OVERNIGHT, to make sure the paint cures properly.

12) Install on vehicle, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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