By Erix03_SpecV
I was curious if any of you guys ever used these ?? - the cheaper one .
I see 2 different prices while searching to buy them , I think the one listed as a Zt-2 just has more options which is y its $100 more . - the not so cheap one lol
So I'm just curious if i really need the Zt-2 or if just the regular wideband model will be plenty ? I am running this in junction with a Safc neo

Thanks , Erik
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By duesMANdella
I havent but i wished i did, i went with the lm-1, its not a guage its a block box i hold while i drive and look at the afr's, not the right way but its the fastest as compared to stopping, shut off the car and uploading the afr's into my laptop and then adjusting
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By KingDNH
I've been using Zeitronix since the longest time. I have the ZT-2 LCD and that's all I need as far as gauges. AFR, Boost and EGT. The rest is displayed on the NEO. Very easy install. ZT-2 and NEO work great for boosted applications if you do the "Boost Hack".

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