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By CrickiKaze
Haven't seen anything anyone posted about knock detection but that doesn't mean much as I may have over looked it. Well here..... ... light.html

And for those with richer blood... ... ystem.html

I seem to remember hearing that brand before but can't remember for what, well, off to their site.
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By cvz_finezt
Looks like electronic ears to me. I have a set for squeak and rattle diagnosis
By yogib777
the 1st setup at about $260 [with wiring loom and sensor] is reasonable
with an afr gauge to tell fuel
and an egt gauge to tell timing

you have all the bases coverd

unfortunately after the cost of the turbo build
i have none of the above

i'm depending on tune, meth, and race gas as my initial safeguards

that blinky thing would have gone crazy on my last overheated runs
and maybe prevented this
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By CrickiKaze
Not sure, all I know is that the motor is being rebuilt and is almost done. Will be getting their header as I sold the Stillen.

I was honestly at the point to sell it and needed reassurance, besides I think you wanted the neat little goodies I had in there :D

Ok I'll post if I find one also Bobbychet


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