Anything and everything goes, do not get butthurt in here
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By willms81™
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By SpecV2008
yep, I totally cut myself every time I'm un-friended... doesn't get more serious than that
By Jack08specv
SpecV2008 wrote:Justin, you removed me from FB... so, bye I guess.


Nice. looks like the window got you pretty good.
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By CVTmodderelite
Emo kid cut by Wicked-deamon? strange wiki image.
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By jamaul08
Xx3STIxX wrote:
jamaul08 wrote:
Xx3STIxX wrote:
specVVEL v2.1 wrote:False alarm! still around. :o

I did put on my show off before it got locked away, that I'll lurk here and there.


Lol, funny guy

By vc3qsym
willms81™ wrote:
Alen wrote:Remember Esti!



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