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Episode 1

Opener: Jamie rides through Westeros, we can see how the continent changed due to the War and the winter


- Daenerys and Jon arrive in Winterfell

- Battle of Last Heart -> Night King defeats the humans and gains even more White Walkers

- we can see the preparations for the war that is about to come to Winterfell

- Jon explains to Dany that he loves her

- Sansa meets with Gendry, the two understand each other very well


- Cersei plans her conquer of Westeros

- The Golden Company arrives

- Theon tries to rescue Yara (tensions because he didn’t fought for her in the first place)
- As they want to flee, they're ship is stopped by Euron

-> Euron kills Yara and gets stabbed by Theon

-> Theon is unable to father children -> House Greyjoy will be extinct

Other Locations

- Robin Arryn plays at the Eyrie

- He will be informed about the coming war

- Melisandre is in Volantis in order to discover who is Azor Ahai

- we can see her in the temple of the god of light, where she gets revealed the Hero

Episode 2


- Bran tells Jon about his ancestry

- Jon and Daenerys discuss in the crypts how they want to react to the new situation

-> their love is already quite strong

- Jamie arrives at Winterfell

- At a meeting the protagonists learn, that the White Walkers are marching to Dreadford

- Jamie learns about the crushing defeat at Last Heart and reveals Cersei’s real plans

-> especially Daenerys is outraged

-> Daenerys flies towards Kingslanding with Drogon (last Scene


- Cersei learns that Euron is dead

- Furthermore Qyburn tells her, she isn’t pregnant but in her menopause

her loneliness will be shown as she breaks up in tears

Other Locations

- Littlefinger arrives at the Eyrie 1

- Baelish tests out how the Lords of the Vale stand to him

- The moment he is sure, the Lords of the Vale will work with him, he orchestrates the death of Robin Arryn -> House Arryn is extinct and Baelish becomes the Lord of the Vale

Episode 3 – “A Dance with Dragons”


- Daenerys arrives in King's Landing 2

- the red keep will be her priority, but because of the Wildfire KL is burning to ashes

-> The people call her "The Mad Queen"

- she enters the throne room, but before she can sit on the Iron Throne Cersei appears 3

-> they talk to each other, Daenerys reveals, that Jamie told everything about Cerseis plans

- Cersei orders the mountain to kill Dany, but she can flee on Drogon

- After Kings Landing is burned, Cersei relocates her golden company to Harrenhal in order to start an attack as soon as possible


- Melisandre arrives in Winterfell and reveals who is Azor Ahai: It is Jamie! 4

- The Castle “Dreadford” (formerly held by the Boltons) prepares to battle the White Walkers

- Jon tries to ride Rhaegal (named after his father Rhaegar Targaryen) -> it works

“The Battle of Dragons”

- The White Walkers attack Dreadford -> Jon and Daenerys wants to strike back

- Jon and Daenerys fight against the Night King with their dragons = Epic

- Daenerys gets hit by the Night King and falls into the Army of the White Walkers

-> practically the House Targaryen is extinct

- Jon comes back and explains to the others what happened

- As a last hope Bran wants to fight the White Walkers in the past

-> Therefore, he wargs into the Mad King and tells him to burn the White Walkers instead of normal people

- meanwhile the dead Daenerys is brought back to life by the Night King (as a WW)

Episode 4

Harrenhal/ Isle of Faces

- Cersei arrives in Harrenhal with the golden company, the Mountain and Qyburn

Other Locations

- Baelish hears about the new situation and marches away from the Vale


The Battle for Winterfell 5

- The Dragonglass arrives in Winterfell (last preparations for the battle)

- The WW attack Winterfell

- Jon and Jamie lead the defense

- Bran wargs into Drogo, at the end his power is absorbed and he can’t lead it anymore, Drogo will be killed after he has no “Leader” anymore

- The Dragons and soldiers manage to defeat the Whights

- Jamie fights against thee White Walkers but the Night King will survive

- He discovers, that one of the White Walkers is the undead Daenerys

-> Jamie brings her to Winterfell, because he feels, that her "Soul" isn't totally lost

- there are only 2 dragons anymore, most of the Wights are dead and the White Walker are dead (but the Night King could easily build up a new Army)

-> Because of this stalemate Bran speaks with the Night King and his goal will be revealed:

- The Night King wants to restore the balance between Fire and Ice and wants to establish a new Pact between the involved Parties

- For the negotiations the Night King flies to the isle of faces, the other characters follow him

Episode 5

Isle of Faces

- All arrive at the Isle of Faces, the Gods Eye is completely frozen

The Pact

- Jon, Jamie and the Night King decide the following Points:

The WW go back beyond the Wall and shall not be disturbed in the future

The remaining two Dragons will be killed

In order to monitor and maintain the agreement, Jon will govern the border (wall)

-> He wants to marry the White Walker Daenerys (and so will become the legendary “Night’s King” 6)

- Jamie learns that Cersei is in Harrenhal, he is going to the castle together with the Sandor Clegane


- Jamie tells Cersei about the new situation

-> She wants to attack the Isle of Faces and lets the golden company surround the Gods Eye

- Jamie wants to kill Cersei, but can’t do it because his feelings for her are even to this point to strong

-> Jamie orders Sandor Clegane to attack Cersei

-> he is stopped by the Mountain = Clegane Bowl

- The Mountain dies and Sandor is wounded, but Cersei already is gone

- Jamie and Clegane rides back to the Isle to warn Jon etc.

Isle of Faces

- Minutes before he arrives the attack starts -> Arya thinks Jamie is a traitor and kills him
- Melisandre, Clegane and Beric Dondarrion die in this attack

- Jon, “Daenerys”, the Night King and Tyrion can flee towards Winterfell

- the Moment she crossed the frozen lake, the Army of the Vale arrives and defeats the Golden Company

- Baelish captures Jon, Theon and Tyrion to negotiate the further fate of Westeros


- “Jamie” enters Harrenhal and heads to Cersei

-> he then kills the Queen and Arya takes of his Face 7

- The Lannisters now are reduced to Tyrion

- Qyburn enters the Room and sees the dead Cersei, he then kills himself

Episode 6 – “A Dream of Spring”


- Lord Baelish enters Harrenhal accompanied by Jon, Theon and Tyrion

- he declares himself the next Protector of the seven Kingdoms

- Jon reveals, that he has no longer the authority about the north, but asks Baelish to recognize Sansa as the Warden of the North -> Baelish agrees

- Tyrion (left with no army) agrees that he will recognize Baelish as King, if Tyrion gets Casterly Rock and the Hill tribes can rule the Vale of Arryn

-> Baelish isn’t interested in the Vale anymore and agrees to his terms

- Theon is allowed to rule the Iron Islands

- Tyrion and Theon bend the knee -> Petyr Baelish is now the rightful King

The North

- the Wedding between Jon and White Walker Daenerys takes place

-> they head towards the Castle Black

- Eddison Tollet steps down as the 999th Lord Commander and Jon takes his position with his new title “Night’s King”

- Sam says goodbye to Jon and moves to the citadel to finish his education to a maester

- Sansa sits in the assembly room of Winterfell and tries process al the events

-> Arya enters the room and reminds her, that Littlefinger was supposed to die in this room and now sits on the Iron Throne, afterwards she says goodbye to her sister and heads to Braavos

-> Gendry enters the room, Sansa cries and he hugs her (The wolf and the stag get together)


- Arya returns to Braavos to face up to the God of Death after completing her list of enemies

-> as she becomes a faceless man or dies, Sansa is the last remaining Stark

Kings Landing Last Scene

- Baelish enters the destroyed throne room, he lights up the fires there and sits down on the chair

- Lord Varys enters the room

-> they talk about the chaos they have created; it is revealed that they orchestrated the events of the war of the five kings -> Baelish and Varys wanted to know who is the best player in the “Game of Thrones”

- Varys congratulates Baelish to his win and says that there is only one man left who knows what Baelish has done to the seven Kingdoms

-> Baelish calls his guards and have Varys arrested

- the picture goes to Baelish's brooch, a now crowned mockingbird


One: Petyr Baelish is still alive

- Littlefinger always was one of the cleverest players in Westeros

- as Bran mentioned “Chaos is ladder” he knows he is in trouble

- in season 7 episode 5 he gives a braavosian coin to a faceless woman, she dies instead of him

-> Baelish has a Grandfather in Braavos, it is very likely he knows the Faceless men

- the former Master of the coin would save his life with a coin

Two: Daenerys burns Kings Landing

- Brans Vision in Season 4 Episode 2

Three: Daenerys is interrupted in the Throne Room

- Daenerys illusion in the House of the undying

-> she can’t touch the Iron Throne

-> she meets Khal Drogo afterwards (it is only possible if she dies?!)

-> it’s the House of the UNDYING

Four: Jamie = Azor Ahai

- Mistranslation of “aeksio and onos”, they don’t mean Lord of Light, but Hand of Gold

- Cave drawings under Dragonstone

- Slightly different from the illustrated theory: Jamie could become the “Queenslayer” and kills the love of his life Cersei

Five: Endgame at Winterfell

- at Winterfell the White Walkers as a (symbol for the winter) will be defeated

-> The Winter will fall in Winterfell

Six: Jon becomes the Night’s King

- in the books there is a significant difference between die Night King (The one we already know) and the Night**’s** King (the 13th Lord Commander, who ruled the Wall and the Gift)

- The undead Daenerys becomes is Night’s Queen because the first Night’s King was married to a “cold woman with big blue Eyes” = a White Walker

- Jon is the connection between fire and Ice, just like a White Walker Daenerys is -> It’s their destiny to control the balance between the powers

Seven: Valonqar-Prophecy

- in the books there is the “Valonqar-Prophecy”

-> The Valonqar will kill Cersei by wrapping his hands about her pale -> Valonqar means younger brother in Valyrian, but this is a gender-neutral language

- So at first this would fit for Tyrion AND Jamie (both are born before Cersei)

-> but Tyrion has no possibility to get near to Cersei anymore and Jamie still loves her too much to kill her

- Valonqar also refers to a younger sister -> Arya is the youngest Stark

- Because of this, the Prophecy fits, if Cersei is killed by a younger sister, with the hand of her younger brother

I am not a native speaker, I apologize for possible mistakes.

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