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By b17
b17 drivers out there, how is your power and what are your batteries like, but more importantly:
What is your solar setup like?
Screens via solar?

I am starting this because solar is my next obvious choice for sustainable power over the long run, but more importantly free/cheap/instant gains and first infrastructure done right.

My power rig will evolve but right now I am starting from nothing! Portable power interface and comms on aa batteries! :facepalm:
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By BrooksyCC7
I think I can say with 100% certainty that no one has installed solar panels on their B17. Should be interesting...
By yogib777
i have always wanted to put two electric motors in the rear wheels

what systems are you powering with solar panels?

NX has a suitable lithium battery pack, mount, you can use
uses commonly available, power tool, lithium batteries ... mount.html

use solar to power up the batt
use batt to run your n20 system or meth injection system

i may use that system, minus solar, to power my alternate fuel set up
[separate tank, pump and filters, for track use]
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By b17
Great, can’t wait to hear more here and I will certainly post my solar progress and any alternate power sources as they are installed.

I have considered a portable marine-grade battery rigged up to a woktenna to take offsite for moonwalks... then return the remote assembly to the trunk to charge... but would rather have my TX and RX antennae on the buggy itself and maybe a spare battery in there to run the electronics... but I know I will have a separate battery already for the amp and two 15”s...

In any case, yeah I’ll report back with findings once I see what works!

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