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By Mbrice420
Was at my job and looked over and noticed this Altima parked next to me.

Took me a sec to realize it was an SER which I personally have never seen on the road.

Looked up a review and found this quote that made me smile:
"That's right: a front-wheel driver marshalling 260hp without traction control that doesn't smoke the forward tires every time you put the smack down. Sure, if you floor the SE-R on a pockmarked, knotted road she'll make for the brush like a truffle pig on a zephyr of prized fungi. But stick to the smoother stuff, goad the ponies with a bit of forethought and sensitivity, and the SE-R battens down the hatches and just plain hauls ass."

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By HyBr1D
That 3rd gen was never forgotten by me... I fell in love with that car when it started rolling out. V6 monster. Not too heavy and the right amount of power and the possibility in making more. There are still some roaming around down here in Miami. If the mileage wasn't so high I would love to own and work on a used one.
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By eXcude
Those are very good looking, fast and underrated cars. sub 6 second 0-60 I believe.

I've seen one for sale around here and was very tempted to pick it up.
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By Mbrice420
The wheels are what caught my eye.
Never seen that style on an Altima so that's why I had to investigate a bit further.

Was never really fan of the euro style tail lights though.

Brings me back......
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By eXcude
If you take the time to read through old posts, some B16 Spec-V guys have run the OEM Altima SER wheels.

They work, aesthetically and fitment wise.

They're gunmetal, forged, 18x8 +45. :D

Oh... it's crossed my mind once or twice, maybe :D :D
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