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By Alen
I am in the market for a new laptop.

has to be able to play games very nicely, and also be there for work

i dont know much about all the up to date "things" in a laptop, so I need help

I looked at Alienware and Razer so far and like the Razer more cause of looks and it sounds better to me.

Are there other brands to recommend?

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By futbolista116699
If you absolutely NEED it to be a laptop then you are on the right track. You might want check this out, too- (they have a sale right now, by the way)

If you don't necessarily need it to be a laptop, then build a PC. That is if you are comfortable with that. But there are websites where you say what you want and they generate a build for you ( Also, the some stores that you buy parts from can put it together for you. This way it will be cheaper and a lot better than a laptop. Also, a lot of possibilities for future upgrades.

Regardless of what you get, get a Nvidia video card and a Intel processor. No AMD

Hope that helps ;)
By Alen
thank you!

I want the convinience of going to a friends house and doing a LAN party if I feel the need
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By futbolista116699
Yeah, its a little bit of a hassle if you have a PC and you want to LAN.
But, in my opinion still worth it.
Just a heads up, also has a guide on how to put the PC parts together if you want to go that route.
And No Problem
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By BrooksyCC7
It's called a mini-ITX build. You can build a small PC that is easily portable and could fit in a medium-sized backpack. Laptops are just not efficient for gaming for the price you have to pay.
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By JangBang
If you absolutely had to get a gaming laptop I would go with Asus. My gaming laptop is an Asus G74, it's like three years old now but is very solid, runs everything I need it to on Ultra...Skyrim...starcraft 2. I'd personally not buy Alienware anymore as its no longer Alienware but Dell...and Razer seems very overpriced...paying for a name, I like their peripherals, I have several of their mice and headsets.
The only people I know with Razor laptops have more money than brains.

Asus republic of gamers is where it's at if you want Laptop gaming.
Otherwise build a tower and save a pile of cash lol

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