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By Marvel_Man
Ok, so first off just to set the record, I'm a noob. I'm a big console guy and this is really my first big foray into PC gaming. So just be forewarned that some of my questions may seem pretty stupid, but that's why I'm asking them.

So, I just got my beta key for Dota 2 and got it downloaded and all. I went to play it and every time I would try and get into a match, it would get to the character selection screen and start glitching. I would freeze for ten seconds on a frame and the change to a new frame and freeze on that for ten seconds. After the time limit ran out and the match actually started, it would minimize itself and then completely close out without any error messages or anything. I'm wondering if this is just because I have a crappy old computer. I'm using a Dell XPS 600 tower with an NVIDIA GeForce 7800GTX graphics card, Pentium D 840 3.2GHz processor, 2GBs of RAM and Windows 7 Professional 32-bit with Service Pack 1. I'm using a 20" Dell flatscreen monitor and was running the game at 1020x960 I believe. According to, my PC should be able to run it, but for some reason, it wont. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
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By Evan
I'm not entirely sure of DOTA2's requirements, but your computer is a bit on the weaker side. I'm a pretty avid LoL player and my rig is like 4 years old and still running 60 fps max settings.

Does it have a crash log? check to see if it does, what's causing it and post it on the dota2 forums.
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By Plalm
2 things, BETA and Outdated hardware. I would actually suggest asking in the technical section of DOTA 2's official forums. When i say outdated, btw, I understand that it may "meet" some of teh requirements, but drivers haven't been released for the 7800GTX in a LONG time that would do anything related to newer programmed games.
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By ProTo20
That is some really old stuff right there.

Most likely the video card.

You will want to upgrade that for sure. And im sure your pc could take a pentium d 950, which would help.

These two things go very cheap on ebay, and you would see a nice gain in performance from what your used to.

Also 2gb of ram on windows should atleast have 4gb.
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By jamaul08
Hey bud, I play dota 2 also :)

4GB is a min. these days to really play any pc games (exception would be minecraft....)

I have a few hundred games played so far and can honestly say this is the most stable beta I've been a part of. You may want to look into a new rig if you plan on pc gaming. Or, like other have mentions... try getting a few hardware upgrades.
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