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By jbartlett323
Evil wrote:
SER Wes wrote:You do not necessarily need virus protection, but you do need a scanner or 2 to check your computer every now and then cause when you are on the internet no matter what. Most of it you just never notice or gets and does not do anything.

The number one RULE though is DO NOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER. You will pick up all kinds of crap that is very very very very hard to get rid of and if you use ie then it is only a matter of time. People say that Google Crome is safe but i have never used so i cannot say. I can say that Firefox is safe as crap and i would DEFINITELY recommend it.

Im quickly starting to hate Google chrome. though safer then internet explorer, there are some settings that are pissing me off right now.

What settings? Maybe i can help!
I have had chrome since its release and absolutely love it! It is faster than either IE or Firefox, in loading from scratch and loading pages. It rarely crashes and when it does you click the X and it closes! If you add the ADBlock extension it is excellent!
But i did have to change some settings when i first installed it:
Open to Homepage not Tab page
Ask me where to save download everytime (to bad there still isn't a "Run")
Always show Links bar
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By Tonez
jbartlett323 wrote:1. Avast! free antivirus ... ?tag=mncol

Just wanted to update this.
I have been running this on my netbook for a couple months and I like it way better than McAfee.
I recently installed it on my parents desktop and will put it on our home desktop as well.

Thanks for the info!
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By Plalm
may be a little old info by now. But as the second poster mentioned, Microsoft Security Essentials is actually really great. I'll put it this way. I've invested too much money in my stuff to be stupid with it. I used to use AVG, it's a resource hog and actually misses quite a bit of stuff. MY roommate is a professional computer tech that makes a living off of ppl that think their comps are safe or tend to spill water on their laptops. According to HIM, running multiple benchmarks for fun at his office on multiple machines, MSE is all you really need for an antivirus. However, there are other great utilities to use as well that can keep your comp running like new, as long as you don't abuse your system.

Do yourself a favor and check out [url][/url] It's a quick easy way to find the most up to date, great, free utilities out there. I recommend

Google Chrome or Firefox (your choice, and i know it's a browser not a utility)
Spybot SnD
and why not go ahead and update all your adobe stuff (reader and flashe) and java
and .Net framework

again just suggestions, i know some ppl have their own tastes but installing these and using them when necessary is honestly not only quick and easy but very well worth it.
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