Please read this. It explains why this forum was made
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By yellow_V
I love this site. Funny thing is I found this site when some other site was in an argument with jess.. So here I am I heart allsentra and jess and all the mods no homo
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By red02v
"I'm not begging people to come here, but I know the right ones will come."

Thanks Jess, I know you were thinking of me when you typed this. I like you too!
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By obsidian
ALL sentras are welcome here.

Henceforth.... Get it?

BTW, this site was in an arguement with 2.5 other forums awhile back. and

To which I proclaim allsentra the winner.

SpecVForum was awesome but the sites code wasn't written the best but it still to this day has awesome people. is mainly run by Travis and the sites code isn't as good as the other 3 sites. has really good people, but it seems all of the douchebags have migrated there also.

We have a couple of douchebags here also but we're more forgiving and try to let them kill their own doucheyness but if they don't, then we kill it for them. None of that faggetry is going down on this awesome site.

I'm glad everyone likes the site so far and Jessica has done a great job at it.

<3 you jess.
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By red02v
" has really good people, but it seems all of the douchebags have migrated there also."

And some of us have been there from the begining.......

And while I"m an active mod there, I have alot of friends here as well, and as long as I am an active mod there you will all be welcome there.
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By obsidian
#39556 has a REALLY well laid out site but it seems like a LOT of the people there aren't as sentra happy as they are here.

Hell I don't even have MY sentra anymore but I'm still here. I want another one bad.
By yesser04
duesMANdella wrote:Hello Everyone and Welcome

Most of you know me. If you do hopefully you'll understand where I'm coming from, if not please open your mind and read the rest of this rant.

This forum was not made out of disrespect to the other forums nor to contend with the other forums. I have made this forum(and carefully selected the moderators) because I am tired of hoping other forums stay in the long run and switching between 20 of them.
Does this create yet another specv(sentra) forum and split up the community even more?
Not why I created it though. I'm not begging people to come here, but I know the right ones will come.
Ive been around(and most of the moderators) for at least 5 years. I have more money in my cars than I have put into my house. I know I'm not going anywheres and to feel a solid stable ground again, I'll just make my own forum that whoever wants can join and KNOW its not going anywheres while making this forum fun and full of car info for all of us.
This forum for the most part is pretty much done. There shouldn't be any down time to it nor any crazy things happening. If you want something else added you can always post it in the site information section.
Its an open forum and anyone can join without an administrator selecting who does and who doesn't, and you can also read it when not logged in, this isn't top secret rocket science we are up to here, secrets don't make friends
There will not be a bullshit charge for any premium member things because there wont be any premium members things. Once again its an open forum that's here for the car, this money making crap is not what we are here for

So please dont bring your drama in here thinking im being selfish, because I know I am and I dont like change, so I'll make a forum that wont.

MAN! this is strange because when i joined the other day and you and a few others spoke to me i really did feel welcomed here . and after reading this reason for starting this site i now see why i felt so welcomed. this is by far what i have been looking for in a forum . a place where i can talk to like minded sentra owners without being called names or being made fun of for not knowing something. im 30 y.o. and this seems like a mature place by far my favorite so far keep up the good work guys !!
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By TAZ1899
Thanks for the site man. I always wondered what happened with all them other sites. I know how drama is, and I'm glad that there isn't much here. Forums are supposed to be funa and informative and should make you feel like family. I've only been here for about a month, but I always feel welcomed. I'm still part of my old forum, and check it too. I like this forum tho. I have checked other Sentra forums and I didn't feel right there. Thanks for making this forum the way it is.

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