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By Tovino77
Hey all. I am a new owner of a preowned certified 2017 Nissan Sentra S 15k miles.

I had a few questions and maybe somebody could help!

I wanted to install new speakers in the driver/passanger door. Does anybody know if the 17 Sentra uses 6.5" speakers? I wanted to spend $50 or less on a pair and didn't know what's considered the best or best value in that range. Would I need any special harnesses to make this work? I dont have any wiring skills so I was hoping to plug and play with harnesses if possible.

Is it possible to swap out my basic CD/Radio player for one of the OEM upgraded headunits? I was hoping one day to get a rearview camera installed down the line.

Is it possible to change the console lid/armrest on the ones on the SV model that slide out? I took a look at the console and wasn't sure if it was built to swap the console lid. If possible, anybody know where I can find the part number or instructions to do that?

Are there any other car mods somebody might suggest or reccomend that make a Sentra more fun?

Thanks in advance!
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