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By Darfoune1
I've noticed that from 140km/h my 2012 specv noticeably slows down and I'd like to know if it's normal.
Twice I got into a race against a 2016 civic si and I'm ahead up to 140km/h, then the si just keep speeding while
it takes my specv a very long time even just to reach 150 km/h.

I've modified nothing on it, 76000km, oil changed 2000ish km ago.
Thanks for your help!
By yogib777
that's approx 87mph for my brain

what gear and rpm are you at?

[for me thats the end of 3rd gear almost at the traps in the 1/8 mile]

perhaps it's time to shift up

my stocker ran out of steam about 6000 rpm
holding a gear too long imo slows you down

right around 100mph on my stocker
acceleration fell off markedly
like you hit a soft wall

your right on the verge of that
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By eXcude
Sounds like a whole lotta doing it wrong. Learn your power band, 5000 is when the power comes on, always shift at redline to shift back into the meat of the power band.
By Darfoune1
It took me awhile to test (icy roads), but I finally tested what you both suggested.

I really was shifting to low in rev, at 140km/h I was in 5th gear while I can easily
bring it up to 140 in 3rd gear, which allow me to reach up to 165km/h, I couldn't find
another longer straight line to try and go faster.

I wasn't aware of the power bands, It does really makes a difference from 5000 rev and up, I can feel it kick a little
and there's much less power loss between shifts.

Thank you very much both of you, can't wait to try that SI that keeps nagging me!
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By eXcude
I would recommend you also pick up an Injen, I noticed a huge difference in the top-end (5k-7k) after installing it. The car would pull right up to the redline, even w/factory exhaust.

Some observations with the gears:

1st 0-34ish
2nd 35-59ish
3rd 60-79ish
4th 80-99ish

So for example if you are cruising along at 40 MPH, downshift into second and it'll pull good. use third for 60MPH for some good pulls.

Mess around with it, but 5k is the magic number for these engines, as a personal observation.
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