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By peter77
Hello everyone,

I’ve always wanted to set up a cash days style event but the issue I’ve found is no one cares about cars that turn, in the street racing world everyone knows every detail of the 10 fastest cars in the city and they all are some muscle car with rear tires the pretty much touch each other.

Get a car that turns or could handle a bump on the apex of a dirty street corner and no one is interested.

pretty much every back road race goes like this person I know calls out my slowest car, no one wants to pick on my WRX no they want to pick on my wife’s stock integra. So we race and 3 turns in they decide they like life and don’t want to push hard so I pass their asses in something that barely runs.

Basically it comes down to there’s not a large culture for it and the people that enjoy it are so slow it’s honestly a joke. But if you ever sent anything up PM me I might be able to drag some people there given we aren’t on opposite sides of the country.

Thank you!

Have you ever resolved those issues?

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