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By BrooksyCC7
#235001 now has official FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

Follow for follow, use #allsentra for all three. The FaceBook page is for news, updates, and announcements pertaining to the site more than anything, but you may be able to get some questions answered there as well. We will be adding integration for all of these pages to the forum some time in the future, so stay tuned for more.
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By jamaul08
We've just added an Instagram BB code that will allow you to embed instagram images AND videos to your posts.

If you look above the posting box you'll see the new BB code button labeled "instagram" (right next to font colour, center, etc.)

This code just uses the Instagram post ID which can be found in the Instagram url. For example- ""

So to embed the post located at "" I would use
Code: Select all[instagram]2M2Mo5sZ-v[/instagram]

Which then translates to

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By jamaul08
Moving forward the BB codes will be modified to be mobile friendly. We're aware that a lot of users are accessing the forum via their mobile devices and it is a priority for us to make your browsing/posting experience a bit smoother.

We ask that you be patient as there a quite a few updates that must take place on the back end to allow for these enhanced features.

Thanks! 8-)
By Souljah_B16
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