By mikeser87
Here are pics of my SER

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Mods are:
Vogtland Lowering Springs 2" f/r
KYB shocks and struts
Ebay exhaust
Weapon R Short Ram Intake
GREDDY Strut Bar
aluminum oil and radiator caps w/ nismo logo
Opitma Yellow Top Battery
16" Vision V7 Rims
Sunny tires 205/55/R16 (should of gone 17s)
shortened antenna
Debaged nissan and sentra logos
interior is stock with the exception of adding a cd deck from Dual which i'm starting to regret. got it at walmart for $120.
I replaced the factory speakers for sony xplod speakers which in my opinion was the best choice.
i have a mtx jackhammer amp hooked up with the sony speakers, and have 12" MTX Jackhammer subs w/box. I was surprised those fit
in my trunk .
That's all the mods i have for now, i'm just drive it the way it is till I find a job and maybe upgrade to a 07 and current SER.
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By Tonez
Looks pretty good. I agree, it is best to use a photobucket or imageshack account to upload your pics.
That way, you get rid of the ugly attachment boxes too!

This has been added to your profile. :thumbsup:

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