By f310775
Hey guys ,ive been checking out the website for a while and just finally joined , im looking for any mods or upgrades etc basically any kinds of suggestions to change the appearance of my car , its an 07 Sentra base , the previous owner looked like he wanted to fix it up but i cant tell what style he was going for.. either that or i jus dont like his direction. So feel free to give any suggestion, opinions on what you guys like , or any tips you guys might have thanks!
By f310775
Hey thanks for the replies in this post and the other i put, i wasnt sure wher to post my question so ill just keep it on this one, and im just looking for exterior mods for my sentra its the base model and the ex owner (from what im assuming) liked the chrome on the blue paint style nd i wasnt really feeling it so today while reading other posts on here about plasti dip i dipped my front two grill pieces amd rims so we will see how they look once theyre dry theyre still curing ,but yea basically any input you guys have i want to hear or suggestions
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By Mbrice420
Welcome sir. I rather like billet grills, but what I don't like is the giant Nissan burger in the center. Suggestions: better/bigger wheels, lowering springs/coilovers, hid projector headlights, exhaust, CAI, led taillights to name a few.
You should check out Hybrids sentra. Might give you some ideas.
By f310775
Thanks everybody for the welcomes and suggestions, i included a pic of what the sentra looks like now so any suggestions will be taken haha , and yea i will check out hybrids car right now , i ended up leaving the billet grill off after debating with everyone in my neighborhood haha but yes thats a great tip to restore my fog bezel i will be doing that nd my back badge and my windows cus the edges are fading, .Eventually i will get bigger better wheels and ultimately performance upgrades which i cant wait on hah, but so far im trying to work on anything appearance wise but i jus dont want to be "that guy" with too much on his car haha and i want to get some halo headlights and a small rear spoiler but i cant find any good reputable sellers if u guys know any?
By f310775
And i really like that c mod grill i want to get that and pair it with blue sickspeed horns i love that look, but i hate the shipping on the grill is there any way to get it from the U.S. or should i jus suck it up haha? :D
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By eXcude
A drop and some more aggressive wheels can make anything look better IMO


Welcome !
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By HyBr1D
I believe I purchased mine on that site, it did take some time to get to me but I'd say it's well worth the wait. I didn't see them on ebay/amazon or anything like that which I did search for them. Order a couple of things at the same time so you don't have to sit and wait for one item, I suppose... would ease up the pain a bit, heh.

I agree with Steve though, lowering + bigger/aggressive wheels will set the car off massively since you're focusing on looks first.
As for the rear spoiler, stillen has one which is a bit lower key and lesser weighing version of the SR/SE-R/Spec V variant which you could always purchase the OEM aftermarket looking one on ebay.
https://www.stillen.com/exterior/body-s ... l?___SID=U

Stillen also has other exterior mods like the front lip for your current bumper and/if you decide to swap it out for the SR/SE-R/Spec V bumper you can put that lip too.
https://www.stillen.com/exterior/body-s ... entra.html

SR/SE-R/Spec V
https://www.stillen.com/exterior/body-s ... entra.html

Rear bumper lip
https://www.stillen.com/exterior/body-s ... l?___SID=U

Roof Wing
https://www.stillen.com/exterior/body-s ... l?___SID=U

(I bought my roof wing from ebay.)

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