By kwaish
So my 2011 370z is having some issues... when I down shift or upshift the car like jerks a tad bit... before I had it tune it was perfectly fine but then I changed the transmission out to a new one (torque converter went out) and had new transmission fluid added they told me the old was really black. After tuning the car around 2 months later literally right after the tune it started to jerk when downshifting or upshifting. It has power for sure but like I’ve seen some tunes cars and when downshifting they don’t jerk all it does it just obviously raises the RPM. Mine are like delayed. I took it to advance auto parts and some codes came out that may be close to the issue.... these were the codes. “P0725 Speed Sensor Circuit Malfunction” “U1000 Can COMM Circuit” and I cant seem to find a solution nor do I want to take it to Nissan since they will first charge me ~140 for diagnosis and they would probably charge me outrageous price. Please let me know if anyone has had this issue I tried thing maybe it’s a plug sensor but I Can’t seem to find that sensor because the only one coming out online is for ABS and I did get a code for ABS for front left sensor and right sensor but I don’t think those have to do anything with the other codes. I can list the codes for the ABS also if needed but I doubt those cause any issues! Hope someone can help me out and thank you guys!https://thegadgetwire.com/panda-helper/ https://thegadgetwire.com/tutuapp/ https://thegadgetwire.com/appvalley/

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