Selling the sentra eh? Its come across my mind a few times. To be honest i havent been driving mine. Picked up a Nissan Pathfinder as a deep snow vehicle, and as a dd. It will be sad to see your b16 go as you put so much work into it. But then again you're going for something with more power

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I get you. Reading up on the 1Gen 2.0T TSI motor once you pass all the fixes it needs you really don't have much to worry about. A lot of the stuff are stock issues and once a lot of the things are remedied they won't reoccur.

The stock coilpack, intake manifold and seals were garbage. Once replaced and carbon cleaned yearly then the car will run solid. Everything else it's just to let the car breath better and possible future mods. Mostly bolt on no bigger turbos.

The only reason I'm considering keeping it and modding it in light of selling the B16 is for my wife to have a more reliable and stress free car. The main reason why this CC is acting up is because I didn't do my research and the wife didnt want me to oversee the car... Sooo a lot of this could of been avoided.
Hello all,

Pretty much been MIA as of late. Figured I'd chime in on the Sentra.

I'm getting a strange sound now which seems to be coming out of the front right wheel... sounds like a dying seal anywhere between 5mph - 20mph. I suspect it's the suspension again. This happened after I did a deep cleaning of the car... Removed the wheels, cleaned the suspension and the wheels (inside and out).

Had to trouble shoot things with the headlamps to finally determine that the PS DRL driver blew only on the DRL not the amber signal. Claiming the warranty on that and the Osram bulbs are flickering and not wanting to turn on which I then tested the the fog bulbs on the headlamp ballast to find out which is the culprit and it seems to be the D2S bulbs. I did buy some cheapo amazon off brand for like 8 bucks to swap for the mean time but We will see. Come January I have a lot of things to do with Chase, mostly servicing... nothing fun.

I gotta go and take it to the dealer (extended warranty) to see wtf is going on with the transmission and hopefully they'll swap it out with a new one lol...

I gotta do my brakes F/R and remedy this crap with my headlamps. GAH!
Seems like I come here to talk to myself.. O.o lol... miss the community.

Last night I did some work on the retrofit... so, I RMA'd the CBH bulbs back to TRS and paid the difference for the updated version CBA. They also RMA'd and sent me a new set of v1 panamera switchback shrouds with everything (board, drivers and wires). Got everything in and added a new little touch.. some demon eyes +XBT Bluetooth controller. Fixed the dead seal which was a cover that came loose in the wheel well that covers the pulley.

Got a full synthetic oil change last weekend and changed my brakes (F discs and pads + R drum pads and new hardware + PS wheel bearing needed to be changed) . All, I need to do now (besides re-install my headlamps) is swap out the BC camber plates... but I think I'm going to leave that for like May. Considering hitting the Dragon President's Day weekend if the weather holds up... (expected to rain all weekend).
So, I after RMAing the CBH for CBA bulbs the bulbs were experiencing the same issues... flickering and having a hard time to stay on. TRS initially said it was the ballasts but I tested the fog ballasts too and ruled that out when the CBH's worked fine. Last night after I got everything together I was having the same issues with both sets of ballasts... I ended up narrowing it down to the Morimoto Relays... connected directly to the car and it's working perfect now lol... EVerything is in working order now :D swapped out the amber deleted signals for white ones and the XB LED fogs :D looking good too.
Well, this will most likely be my last post here... went this weekend to the Dragon everything went well (minus the flat tire in Northern GA and getting pulled over in Andrews... ) I'll edit this post with the video(s)...

Bright and early to go conquer the Dragon!




Dragon posing with Chase...

Glad I don't have to add anything here...




Couldn't do more runs or take better shots was in a rush to get back. Got back to Miami that same Sunday/Monday at 4AM... :\

Found this shitty dragon at the end of the trail...
Nice man! I wish i could get there someday. Looks like fun and only heard good things about that road. I havent been posting here because ive been on the facebook and instagram communities. I actually ended up boosting my spec v.

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HyBr1D wrote:it was quite the commute coming from Miami (907miles). Did it over the weekend but too pressured on time to fully enjoy. I just can't do the FB/Instagram thing... So, I'm calling it quits... Grats on boosting the spec must be loads of fun!
I understand, theres lots going on there. I just installed the kit with all the accessories. I still need to get a custom downpipe built then get a dyno tune done! You still keeping your sentra? Or calling it quits?

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powderohyeah wrote:
HyBr1D wrote:it was quite the commute coming from Miami (907miles). Did it over the weekend but too pressured on time to fully enjoy. I just can't do the FB/Instagram thing... So, I'm calling it quits... Grats on boosting the spec must be loads of fun!
I understand, theres lots going on there. I just installed the kit with all the accessories. I still need to get a custom downpipe built then get a dyno tune done! You still keeping your sentra? Or calling it quits?

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Nice man, I'm keeping the Sentra but I don't have any further plans for it. I might do little things here and there or cosmetic. Since I was able to do the Dragon that pretty much removed my need for the fix. Heh... Being that it's 900+ miles away and I won't be doing this regularly, I feel fulfilled. Just maintain the car and keep moving forward. I recently changed my discs/drums/pads was thinking of doing the 4 disc swap but, meh... lol.. change of heart.

The car is going on 8 yrs now usually 12 years is my cut off for a new car so we will see how long it holds out.

If the community was more vivid in the forums I probably would of stayed it just I don't enjoy posting pics and staring at random cars without the informative feedback from other members and I don't want to resurrect my old FB page lol... too many headaches...
I managed to get the new camber plates installed... and had to go back to re-replace the front axels arms which were giving me grinding noises. Yet, the age old issue with this B16 is, that freaking CLANKING noise... I've had my front coilovers rebuilt and re-installed more times than I would like to admit... I don't know what the hell is making that freaking noise. I check all of the bars and they're solid... So, this weekend I'm going to go get it checked by a reg mechanic to see what they find that is "loose"...

The next "project" I'm considering is the audio system... It's time for an upgrade and most likely the stock speakers are probably shot. Now, I have the non-rockford fosgate 6 speakers, I believe... the two speakers are the one's in the upper dash by the windshield... no one (or I haven't found it yet) online discloses the size of these speakers... that and/or if there is an amp somewhere in the car.

The car takes 4 6x9's but what is offered in this size are either a 2 way sub design with a deeper cone or a 4 to 5 way design but the lip of the speaker itself is higher which one could think there will be fitment issues behind the door panels. Crutchfield suggests I go 6.5 fronts with an adapter and go 6x9 rears. As for the head unit, I'm considering the Pioneer AVIC8500NEX...

I previously owned an AVIC-D1 back in the day and couldn't have been happier... plus their software/firmware is top notch compared to Alpine which is slow and glitchy, from what I've seen. As for sound performance I couldn't go wrong with either Pioneer nor Alpine.

It's hard to find a replacement for the 2 3/4 speakers in the dash so maybe disconnect these and add components on the doors.

So, door panels planning on going TS-A6970F (6x9)

If they don't fit I'll look into a 6 1/2 somewhere lol...

...and TS-A6990F in the rear...

Might consider a 4ch amp too just to get more clarity. Not looking for hardcore bass, I left that in the past lol. But if it's lacking then a mono block low RMS wattage and a 10" will do.
Installed the in-dash and the 6x9's... sounds crisp and clean. I'm surprised how much bass those 6x9's can dish out when the EQ is tweaked. I went with the 5-way TS-A6970F in the front and the 4-way TS-A6960F for the rear and the AVIC-W8500NEX double din in-dash. :) I'm happy, and the headunit has a lot of add-on if need be. I don't feel (currently) that I need an amp + sub but Pioneer has a preamp'd sub that doesn't look too bad.




It is... it has a lot of features I have yet to explore. It's a minor learning curve but well worth the time and price IMO. Only thing I have to do now is bypass the video restriction while driving. It's both iOS (CarPlay) and Android (Android Auto) compatible. I would of been good without the motorized face and the DVD-ROM since those two sorts of features are not needed anymore. The tilt feature doesn't really help much reducing glare from the sun if it shines on it... makes things harder to see really. The SD Card could of been located directly on the unit where the physical buttons are (physical buttons are a +). I personally don't use Android Auto...

I've previously owned an AVIC-N1 back in the day and loved it... needed some Pioneer back in my life lol... The GUI works well with little input lag... the mirror link is pretty solid (minus the video restrictions), I have yet to use the GPS features but I'm sure they're as good (if not better) than the N1...

Here are the spec's of the unit... I linked it not to make the post long.
https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA ... 0NEX#specs

I still have a lot of expandability, like multiple sources (for the rear), amp, other AV's like a console, front and rear facing cameras, USB extension cable..
Figured I'd do a side by side comparison on the projection of my lights... HID Projected Headlamps + HID Fogs vs HID Projected Headlamps + Morimoto LED Projected Fogs

(L)HID Projected Headlamps + HID Fogs / (R)HID Projected Headlamps + Morimoto LED Projected Fogs

(L)HID Projected Headlamps + HID Fogs / (R)HID Projected Headlamps + Morimoto LED Projected Fogs
Small update... been giving the B16 the back seat as of late trying to remove the noises rather than "upgrades" heh... Still getting some clunky noises which are the endlinks that seem to keep getting loose. That's mainly at fault of the bolts holding things together... Those parts have been removed and reinstalled so much that the shops replaced my nylock nuts with regular nuts... Can't figure out the size without taking a nut (hah!) to home depot.

So, I'm currently taking on mountain biking (in florida, WHAAA?!?!) there are some area down here (state parks) who have trails and hill-like features. Recently purchased an Ibis DV9 custom built with Competitive Cyclist. Here are the stats

Frame in White/Teal, Medium
RockShox Pike RCT3 29 Charger DebonAir 130 Boost Fork
Chris King InSet Tapered Headset with Griplock
TruVativ Descendant 35mm Stem (40mm)
TruVativ Descendant 35mm CF Handlebar
Ergon GA2 Grips
SDG Components Tellis Dropper Seat 31.6x413mm/125mm
WTB Volt Comp Saddle
Sram Dub BSA BB
Complete Sram GX Eagle Drivetrain 175mm/32t
Crank Brothers Stamp 2 Pedals
Shimano XT SM-RT86 Rotor 180mm/160mm
Shimano SLX BL-M7000 Brakes
Stan's NoTube Arch MK3 29ers
Maxxis Minion DHF Wide Trail 3C/EXO/TR 29x2.5 Tires

Should look something like this when it comes in.

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