By Alen

Some of you know me, some don't, some wish they didn't.

Here is my car, it has been in the shop since 08May12 (1 year).

It started with the Treadstone kit and evolved.


-Turbonetics T3/T4 50 trim F1-57 .63, ball bearing with 90* elbow made
-Treadstone TR8 intercooler with custon ducting
-2" hot side, 2.5" cold intercooler piping
-Hargett quick disconnect couplers on all piping (cleaner look, no flex, turbo spools slightly quicker)
Tial wastegate
-Synapse blow off valve
-Port matched turbo manifold
-Synaptic3 lower and upper torque mounts
-Treadsstone 2.5" downpipe
-Treadstone 3" midpipe with a Vibrant metal core OBD2 catalytic converter
-BRM 3" stainless exhaust, single tip (wanted dual tip :()
-S-MAX catch can
-Battery relocated to trunk with a custom mount
-DEI turbo blanket, and wrap on downpipe
-2JR lightweight crank pulley
-PLX gauges in stock dual cluster location
*Fuel Pressure
*Oil Pressure
-HKS EVS boost controller
-Mishimoto radiator with hoses
-Dual oil coolers in foglight locations with ducting
-TWM short throw shifter and bushings
-Clutchmasters 350ft lbs clutch

Fuel Return System
-Custom CJ motorsports fuel rail
-ID1000 injectors
-Aeromotive 340lph fuel pump in a modified 350Z canister to accept the fuel return line
-Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
-Aeromotive fuel filter (100 micron mesh)
-All lines except stock sender lines are steel braided

-Tweeds braces
*Strut Bar
*3 point Forward Brace
*Trunk Brace
*Rear Sway Bar

Everything else is stock so far...

I'll post a few pictures here, but there are far too many around to go into the major details but if you want to check them out go to Synaptic3.com or check my show off thread over at B15u.

http://www.b15u.com/member-rides-projec ... -v-nh.html
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It's alright. What are the two side coolers for?
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By Evan
Alen wrote:Those are oil coolers.

Thanks guys, in all honesty it will MAYBE make a little more power than the average TRE kit.

We will have to wait and see.
You might make around the same. Possibly slower in the 1/4mi because of all the added weight though.
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By Evan
Alen wrote:Most of the aftrrmarket pieces used weigh less than the stock pieces that were replaced

You added extra stuff. You didn't replace twin oil coolers, a catch can, etc. A lot of your stuff is not going to make power, but make your car drive better/smoother.
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