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By Mkennedy9389
February 2018 Update

This is my 2007 Nissan Sentra SER Spec V. My car is constantly a work in progress, I don't know if I will ever be done building. There is always more power to gain, better ways to make her look nice. Hope you like it!

Current Mods are as follows:

Turbonetics 50 Trim Journal Bearing Turbo (.63 A/R)
Treadstone turbo manifold
TR8 Intercooler and 2.5" Piping
Tial Sport F38 Wastegate
2.5" intercooler piping
Bosch 650CC Direct Fit Injectors
HBC Manual Boost Controller
Walbro 255LPH Fuel Pump
3" Downpipe
Knock Sensor Mod
2jr Alternator Clearance Bracket
Brm Cat back Exhaust
Vibrant Resonator
Injen Cai with Hydro Shield
Twm short throw shifter and bushings
Jim's Lower Chromoly Mount
Custom Polyurethane Upper Mount
Free Power S Drive Throttle Controller
Mishimoto Radiator and Hoses
Uprev Tuner Cable
Pro tune- Dynod @ 10 psi, 326 whp

Bc Coilovers with Swift Springs on Front+Rear
Massive Speedy Systems Sway Bar End Links
Stillen Strut Tower Bar
Tweed Three Point Brace
Tweed Trunk Brace
Tweed Rear Sway Bar
Fender Braces
Moog "Problem Solver" Control Arms and Ball Joints

I have a couple sets :P
Nismo Lmgt4s on Extreme Contacts
2004 350z wheels on General Altimax Arctics (winter setup)

C-Mod Front Grille
Pro Painted Stillen Front Lip
Weather Tech Window Visors
8000k HID Bulbs
Morimoto LED Fog Lights
Hella Super Tone Horns
2012 Spec V Headlights with LED

JDM Fairlady Z Momo Steering Wheel
Custom Painted Trim
Remin Carbon Fiber Dash Kit
2jr Limited Edition Shift Knob
RAZO Weighted Shift Knob
Pioneer DDX5902 Double Din Head Unit
Rockford Fosgate 12" Subs in Non-Ported Box
Kicker 600.1 Amp

Ebc Dimpled/Slotted Rotors
Ebc Red Stuff Pads
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By BrooksyCC7
Welcome to the forum Ruben! Car is looking good, and looks like you have a good base for modding. Take a look around and feel free to ask any questions.
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By Mkennedy9389
HawkFanSE-R wrote:Car looks great man, so 2j is coming out with a header for the b16 next year??

I've been following 2j for a while now, really impressed with what they do for our platform, I got in contact with them after they came out with the Medusa for the b15 and they sent me this:
Hey Matt,
we are working on a B16 version of the medusa. We are about 3 months away from releasing the preorders and the prototype. Stay tuned!
By yogib777
before proto says it will never happen

joe actually bought a b16
i have seen it in the shop

it's been lowered and 2 jr wheels fitted to it

these wheels will only be available to spec and ser b16s
and 5 bolt converted b15s, and 16s

lurking about
i saw them about to cut up the original medusa
but they stashed it between the cabinets when i came in
nice color

my race header took two years from this point so don't hold your breath

my turbo kit and all it's componebts were put together over several years
before the custom turbo service began

my panhard bar went thru a season of racing and breaking before it was released

the b16 plenum also two years in developement before available to the public for b15s

they are slow
but consistant
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By ProTo20
Barry, I think you need to ease off the 2jr koolaid.

Lets just remember 2JR is all about broken promises. Barry, you're the exception as you practically fund his shop/life.

He makes things happen for you.


Joe is clueless when it comes to the b16 platform.
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By Mkennedy9389
ProTo20 wrote:Barry, I think you need to ease off the 2jr koolaid.

Lets just remember 2JR is all about broken promises. Barry, you're the exception as you practically fund his shop/life.

He makes things happen for you.


Joe is clueless when it comes to the b16 platform.

Sheesh that's disappointing, idk what to do abt a header then.. I don't wanna put that cheap Chinese shit on my car and have all those complications that everyone else has
By Alen
ehh you will more likely have problems with a weapon-r header than you will with a cheap chinese header.

I think ElCapo might have a Nismo header for sale that was modified to fit on a B16. Look around
By yogib777
i need to buy a b16

lets try to put this in perspective please

i admit i baited proto
a little action on this site doesn't hurt

but my real intent was simply to warn you
i don't think [based only on my previous experience] that header will be available by christmas

i suggest you do what i did

i just bought a well made, used , chinese copy of the DC header

had it theremal painted

used it for 8 months till a real header was available

though i was in on the developement of the race header
and the prototype was assembled on my car

i was actually one of the last people to get one when they actually came out
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By Mkennedy9389
Yea I think I'm gonna jump on that modified nismo header for now and wait til 2j releases that Medusa, thanks for the input Barry much appreciated and thanks for the tip on that header Alen
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By ProTo20
A M2 or megan header is fine. You wont have to worry about anything if you install it properly with the ecl eliminators etc.

The WR header is the only issue. The bong placement is incorrect and confuses the ecu into limp mode.

I have a WR header on my 2.0 with zero issues for 4 years now. Their header is quality. Unfortunately in production for the spec header. Someone messed up.
By yogib777
just some supporting info from
I cannot confirm this,
But I did read on FB that Joe had something ready or in the works, regarding a header for the B16. Also Joe is soon going to focus his attention on producing parts for the B16s, I think maybe after the B15 Budget turbo kit.

i was also told that the b16 is next
as proto has confirmed
i have a special relationship with joe

this IS the inside info
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By Mkennedy9389
saul00 wrote:looking good tasteful mods bro. U in CT ? i think ur the only other one i've seen here from CT. im in new britain BTW.

Thanks brother just checked out your showoff I'm diggin the color of ur spec, I live in vernon nice to see someone from around my area on here
By HawkFanSE-R
Man I'm having such a hard time finding a header for my 2012, I too contact 2J and they said "early 2016" they'll have it ready. So who knows what that literally translates to...
By yogib777
obx can be good quality steel if not the best design

i used the headers [yes, there are two] on the vq
and used the 60mm catback for many years [ss] no rust or broken welds

there is a big
no or little performance gain
8 hp for both on mine [vq]

and to test 2js outrageous claims
on back to back weekends , over many runs

i ran the 60mm catback vs their 2.5" side race exhaust
on the na qr with a dc [like] header

if you wish to see the results i'll post the time slips and photos

there was a 4mph diff on average
in the 1/8 mile alone

so they look good for years
have fair sound
and good construction [in my experience]

not much thought went into performance

thats just my individual experience, with one set of headers and a single 60mm SS catback utilized on two engines
limited at best
By yogib777
saul00 wrote:They sell the obx one which is 4-2-1. I have it but haven't put it on yet. Is a quick resolve until a better one comes out.

the header by itself should be good construction
could you post photos, inside too

sometimes the fitment may need a little help

i agree
a good looking inexpensive
and mine were reliable
easy, available fix
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