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By eXcude
Never owned a Nissan. When I first saw it I thought it was ugly as sin. After my first test drive I exited the car and could not stop looking at it without smiling.

Future plans are fairly... humble. The car came with some tacky pin striping and color matched trim (assuming that is not stock) around the wheel wells and doors.

Update 6/27/2017: Page 11

-Remove pin stripe [DONE]
-Remove tacky trim [DONE]
-Wash it [DONE]
-Wax it [DONE]
-New shift knob [DONE]
-Clean up brakes
-Restore paint/detail
-OEM Floor mats [DONE]
-Mobile 1 extended performance oil & filter [DONE]
-Tranny fluid flush (Mobile 1 or better suggestions)
-Tanabe DF210's [DONE]
-Homemade SRI [DONE]
-Header (OBX) [DONE]
-TruBendz exhaust (2.5" piping/Magnaflow muff/res/cat) [DONE]
-Injen [DONE]
-Wheels [DONE]
-Take care of it and not beat the shit out of it (SERiously... I love this car. It's a SPECial-Vehicle :D )

Only had the car a week in these pics:
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By eXcude
As you can see nothing special, just stuff the previous owner decided was a good idea. I can only hope not beating on it wasn't on that list. At 38,000 miles I hope I saved this bad boy from a life of abuse :hearteyes:
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By eXcude
Okay I got a chance to work on the trim removal and started on 'shaving' the pin stripe. Only got the fenders done but the rest will follow soon.

Here's the leftover goo from the pin stripe:

Here is is after I removed it *carefully* :

It's not chrome but just as dumb looking IMO:

Bye Bye:
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By eXcude
Shift knob showed up today:


I'm not happy that it's basically painted aluminum, it does have some weight to it though. Some of the paint was chipped on the side and it was a bit too reflective. I bought it on the idea that I could send it back if I didn't like it. So within 15 minutes of installing and testing it I initiated an Amazon return. They gave me back my money and told me to keep it. Sooooooo I guess I got a free shift knob, I'll use it until I find a suitable replacement and probably keep it as a conversation piece about how awesome Amazon customer service is. :thumbup:

If anyone has input on my next knob, I like the round black style with no diagram on it, screw type of course. Kinda like those old muscle car 8 ball style. Also I'm not really too upset about the reverse lock-out, doesn't bother me.
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By eXcude
Yeah I'm done with this knob, it was free and worth every penny. It was so cold this morning it felt like I was shifting with a glacier in my hand. This afternoon it was all warm and sweaty feeling. I'm back on the stock knob until I decide spending $120+ is worth it, I'd rather use that kind of money on the suspension or intake personally.
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By jamaul08
LMAO dude. "shifting with a glacier in my hand"

Good working removing the pinstripe and tacky trim. Definitely a step in the right direction 8-)
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By eXcude
Alan, I was worried about that happening to me. I can get a bit crazy when looking for the 'perfect' part. I was keeping it under my hat at the moment but I have a buddy at work that has a metal mill. He's going to bore out that knob and see if we can get it to actually work with the reverse lockout. If that works I may dabble in some leather stitching, fiberglass or carbon fiber work to wrap the aluminum and possibly gaurd it against the elements. Never done any of that so it could end up being a big shit show of a mess.
By Alen
yeah, but depending on price you might just want to look at some "hybrid" knobs that are metal with a delrin outside that will work with reverse lockout
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By eXcude
I'm seeing how far I can take this 'free' knob. before pulling my hair out any further researching. I saw those hybrid delrin ones. Very nice IMO.
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By eXcude
Still working on removing those pin stripes, I'm in the final stretch. Seriously what a pain in the ass. The trim was easy, the mounting tape slid right off with minimal work. The pin stripe however, just can't seem to let it go. Hoping to finish the last bit on the driver side doors, finally give it a decent wash and then use this stuff on it:


Also cannot wait for those springs to show up. When it comes to suspension work, let's just say I'm a Viking. :P
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By eXcude
Okay I finished the last of the pin stripe removal and the ugly ass trim. The car is looking good after a wash and it's first wax from the looks of it. A lot of work and I am beat, I'll have to take some time and do a real photo shoot. Maybe I'll wait until after the springs are done ;)

Here is my dirty dirty boy of a car:

Wax applied, this thing is getting a Brazilian...
Waxed up.jpg

I've never waxed a car before, this was quite the experience:
almost done.jpg

I assure you it was a labor of love :hearteyes: :
By Souljah_B16
:hearteyes: I should really wax mine soon... lol

What wax did you use?
By Souljah_B16
lol nvm.. didn't see the prior post :p
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