Well, figured I'll re-add this... I'll copy and paste what I had before on another forum.

RIP Rachael (97 U13) :( She will be missed.... a lot...



Decided to freshen up the first page.

*Current Modifications*

-Injen CAI (Polished)
-Injen X-1033RED Red Hydro-Shield Pre-Filter
-2J Lightweight Pulley (Red)

-BC Racing Coilovers
-UR (Ultra Racing) FTSB from a 2008 X-Trail P# UR-TW2-1225 (Black)
-UR (Ultra Racing) Front Lower two point bar from a 2008 X-Trail P# UR-LA2-1226 (Left it white for now)
-Massive RaceSpec Adjustable End Links MASS'16392.7
-TWEED 3-Point Engine Bay Bar (Black)
-TWEED Lower Rear Brace/Bar (Red)
-TWEED Trunk Strut Bar (Black)
-JNC 014 Flat Black 17x8.25 32+ Offset (TE37 Replica)
-Project Kics r40 (Black Chrome) 12x1.25mm
-Project Kics r40 Lug Locks 12x1.25mm
-Continental ExtremeContact DWS 245/40/17
-Specialty Products 71733 (Rear Camber Shims) 1 Degree from -1.14 to -2.14 (Rear only)
-SE-R Spec V 25mm Front Sway Bar
-Energy Suspension 16.8104R End Link Bushing Set (Red)

-Debaged Sentra/ Special Edition Emblems
-Plasti-Dip Rear "Diffuser"
-Plasti-Dip Grille
-Plasti-DIp trunk Nissan Badge
-15% Tints
-M-Sport Roof Spoiler (Gloss Black)
-C-mod Grille (Flat Black)
-Hood Spacers 4x4 (8)Washers (3/8 x 1-1/4)
-HELLA Supertone Horns 00399801

-Pioneer AVIC-W8500NEX
-Pioneer TS-A6970F (Front) 5-Way
-Pioneer TS-A6960F (Rear) 4-Way

-White LED Interior Dome, Trunk, License Plate and reverse.
-x2 3157 Profile Peak White LED Bulbs (Headlamps)
-x2 Morimoto LED load resistor (Front Blinkers)
-Morimoto XB LED Fogs (w/ Yellow Lamin-X film)
-Painted Fogs Yellow
-Aftermarket (DEPO) OEM SE-R Style Headlamps (For Projector Retrofit) Painted Flat Black and indicator Gloss Black
-x2 Panamera LED DRL Shrouds (Switchbacks)
-x2 Bi-Xenon: Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0 Projectors
-x2 FGL Mounting Brackets (Foreground Limiter)
-x2 Profile Prism Demon Eye (RGB + XBT Bluetooth Controller)
-Osram CBA 6000K D2S HID Bulbs (More like 5500K)
-x4 3157 Profile Peak Red LED Bulbs (Tail Lamps)
-x2 Morimoto LED load resistor (Rear Blinkers)

*Future Mods/Fixes*
-Paint the C-Mod Grille Gloss Black
-Paint Roof Gloss Black
-RS Front Lip + EZ Lip
-Fix the rear fenders (back to stock specs to clear the wheels)
-Carbon Fiber Hood
-Reupholster Seats (Leather)
-Reupholster Steering Wheel (Leather + Red Stitching)
-5-Lug 4 Disc swap (SE-R/Spec V) (Still debating the possibilities)
-Willwood Brake system upgrade. (Still debating the possibilities)
-QR25DE + rebuild internals + boost (Still debating the possibilities)
-6SP MT Swap (Still debating the possibilities)

How it sits.





Purchased in Feb of 2012, it's a 2.0 Special Edition and Technology Package.

Bone Stock, freshly washed!



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Pardon the blistering FL bright sunlight... threw off some of the colors due to highlights and glare.

Installed the Rear Brace

Energy Suspension Bushing

3-Point Bar

The trunk bar was a pain in the ass... tight spaces... cut up my left wrist/arm good lol...



Wasn't able to full test it but come Monday I will play with it more >: )
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So, got the CAI and the Pulley installed. No pics of the Pulley as you can't see it from the top angle nor of the filters etc etc... Noticeable gain, yet it isn't massive the sound is something I gotta get use to... sounds nothing like my ol' KA24DE with an intake... CVT makes it long and annoying unless you shut off OD then switch it back on for quick accel. I did notice a better response in RPM's due to the pulley. Feels like the car wants to haul even though it's standing still heh... overall well worth the money the mods.

Excuse the pictures and the dirty bay :P



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kingofkings wrote:HyBr1D It looks very nice I like it a lot. I just got the sway bar I sow you put the Energy Suspension Bushing can you tell me where you got it please ?

Thanks, I purchased the bushings off of ebay from summitracing. Here's a similar link.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Energy-Suspensi ... 5i&vxp=mtr
Mbrice420 wrote:Very nice brother! Nice long list of mods. Never understood the whole hood spacer thing, is it suppose to do something?

Hood spacers help to vent the engine bay lowering temperatures in the bay area. Most beneficial when you are boosted, but could also help with running a short ram intake.

So really it depends on the build as to how beneficial it is, but it does help regardless.
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