Hi all new here and new to nissans. Bought my first Nissan/sentra this weekend. Dont really got plans for it other then visual maybe stillen lip and some hids.

What I've Done So Far:
-8000k HID Headlights
-3000k HID Fogs
- Treadstone Turbo kit
- Eibach Sportlines
-1000cc injectors
-Stillen front lip
-Stillen Roof wing
-led license plate lights

My Future To Do List:
-CMOD SE-R Mesh Grille
-Raceline lower torque mount

Sorry its dirty right now but ill have pics up after it gets detailed. Now on to the Pics............


Friend of mine liked the car so much he couldn't resist so here he is dry humping it

Update 3/12/11
Went to dealership to take my girlfriend out a sentra and ended upgrading myself too

my and the girlfriends car together

NX Proton Kit installed
Activating switch hidden
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Another Texas car! :woot:

Already has the Injen intake and some wheels! Looks like it might be dropped a little too?
Nice car and :welcome:
Ok...I think a Texas meet is in order...we have enough Tx residents to make our own mega meet lol. Welcome to the forum by the way.
07spec-v wrote:Wow! No texas meets? i'd be down for a meet.

The main issue is that Im in central Tx and El Paso is 9 hours away...dam big ass state.
And I am Southeast. There has been some, but because of the size of the state, it is not an easy thing to organize.
I have had thoughts about trying to set one up though...
i like those wheels a lot! and the drop gives it a real nice stance...me likey. my guess is you have eibach sportline springs...
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