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I had a 06 Nissan Sentra Spec V. Loved it. had 155,000 miles on it still running strong when i sold it. Had 177whp & 186wtq!!!! Sold it to get the B16!

Mods on the 06 were....

Weapon R Intake
Megan Header/Downpipe/Gredy Evo 2 Exhaust
OBX Underdrive Pulley
Throttle Body Bypass & Spacer
Megan Lowering Springs
Nismo Short Shifter/Wieghted Shift Knob
Royal Purple In The Trany & Engine
Hyper Voltage Stabilizer

B16 Mods are...

M2 Header
M2 Down Pipe
Injen Cold Air Intake
BRM 2.5" Exhaust 22" Magnaflow Resonator
Single Tip Maganflow Axleback
Racing Line Lower Torque Mount
K/S Mod
Uprev Tuned 214.4 whp @ 6695 rpm & 194.0 wtq @ 5300 rpm
OBX Lightwieght Crank Pulley
Red Line Tuning Quick Lifts

Ebiach Pro Kit
Drag DR38 18x8 40mm Offset
235/40/18 Front + Rear
20mm Wheel spacers Front & Rear

DROPZONE CUSTOME Front Lip (by: AdamNismoSR)
Carbon Fiber 350Z Air Duct
GTI Look
Yellow H11 Fog Lights
BLUE H13 9008 Xenon HID High & Low Beam Headlights

Blue/Black Sick Speed Shift Knob
Sick Speed Horns
iJDMtoy Blue LED Interior Lights
iJDMtoy Night Rider LED Strip
Blue Dash/Oil/G Meter Gauge
Madico 35% Windows Tinted Front, Back, Rear
Night Shade Tinted Tail Lights

Soon To Come...

Turbo :turbo:


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stock sentra, sweet
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The blue is alot easier to keep clean than my 06 black Spec V was.
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How much did your turbo setup cost.

I wanted to save and put one in. I moded the hell out of my 06 and only managed 178hp and 186tq which was decent!
By vc3qsym
Yes, black is no fun whatsoever. Looks good on a gloomy day or when its clean... which don't last to long lol
By vc3qsym
That's not bad. With the ball bearing upgrade and 3 inch exhaust it was was about 4800 shipped
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Thats not bad. About what I was thinking. Did you install it or get someone else to do it. Because I know there is tunning time, dyno time.

I gues I am looking a total cost.

There is Adrenaline Auto Sports in Va Honda Shop I heard they do good work. I guess I will get some prices!!
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Thanks My 06 was black couldn't stand, very hard to keep clean.
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By tommymel
another saphire blue. love the grill
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By Tonez
Love this color. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

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M2 Header on the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Angled o2 simulators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sparkle red Nissan Touch up paint.

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Amelia Just outside of Richmond
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