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This is my third spec v. Had an 03, 06 and now the 11.

Out doing yard work figured I'd snap a few shots. Took these with my droid x hopefully not to big...

Current changes.
Silverstar headlights and fogs
Removed rear badges
Erix custom grille ( excellent quality )
Bumper plugs
M2 header
15mm spacers
Nismo Gram Light 18x8.5
2JRacing Lightweight Crank Pulley
Weapon R Torque Damper-- sold, bought only to get a gb for other members
Solid Lower Motor Mount ( Jim )-- sold, bought only to get gb for other members

Waiting to be intalled:




Last night

Erix grille added. Also, bumper plugs

Pro-Kit installed along with some weather tech visors

Nismo Gram Lights 18x8.5 w/ 15mm spacers. Going to change the spacers out at some point. Quick cell picture.
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By tommymel
nice ive been waiting for this. car looks great!
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Thanks Tommy

Never used photo bucket before :facepalm:
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By thesammythecurse
Lol at your sig with the insurance.

Not to far, yet way out of the way from me. What happened to the previous B15's? B16 looks good
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I tried to make the 03 fly, which didn't work. Then I bought a gti and went mod crazy, got tired of that and got the 06 drove it for a few years and traded on the 11 .
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By Tonez
Very nice man. I love that new white!

This has been added to your profile. :thumbsup:
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Thanks Tonez!

Mr. Steak, where in Savannah? Those are all work days for me, but I can give you some ideas on places to check out. :thumbup:
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By willms81™
Very nice. Always liked the white B16s.
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Sorry first day off in awhile. More to come!
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By FaboNick
Nice and welcome, Im on my third too!
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Snagged a little Nissan plate out of parts, I don't think I like it...Damn holes.

What do you guys think? Last pic above
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It looked cool in a picture, thought it was like the Perrin plate delete. Was I ever freaking wrong.

I called our body shop tp fill the holes and was told they need to respray the entire bumper....Makes no sense to me
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By tubesteak
im going down to get drank as hell. staying in a red roof inn probably.
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Nice. Make sure you go downtown, it's a pretty good time.

If you want, I know some people that own a bed and breakfast close to the downtown area, I can see what kinda prices they are talking about.

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