By UpOn1SERiousV
got a few new pics to post... She's finally running great thanks to a few of you guys and Google search lol
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By Tonez
Very nice man, finally got it running good and got yourself a showoff page!

You should try uploading your pics to photobucket or something similar so you can get rid of the ugly attachment boxes...

This has been added to your profile. :D
Hey looks good. we should meet up! I want to see that monster! I am so jealous :woot:
Looks good on the road! I heard the bov and u stared at my chick.... haha jk jk it was good seeing ya bro
fluxedspec-v wrote:Now that theres atleast 3 VA B16 peeps right here and there are more, think we need to hit up Freedom Wash, i haven't been in a year.

im down. this weekend?
By 08specv808
hey man, i love your set up man. i also have built a custom turbo kit. i was wondering how your down pipe is set up. i dont know how many o2 sensors i should have on there. and also, what are you tunning it with? i would really love to know. thanks man.
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