Its about time I make a showoff for my car. Before I start listing parts I would like to give thanks to those who made it all possible.

I would like to thank:

    Jesse (Duesmandalla, All Sentra Store) for giving me a great deal on parts, he went above and beyond what was expected and allowing me to use his garage and help out with installing all the parts I bought
    Jason (vc3qsym) For the advice and help in picking out parts and blowing up his engine so I know what is safe to run
    Shane (Shane) For helping me with Jesse installing all my parts
    John (From Treadstone) For giving me a great deal on stuff i needed and accommodating my needs and giving me good prices and excellent service
    Justin (From 2JR) For developing new parts I will soon add to my list and for agreeing to attempt to remotely tune my install. Also for giving me a quick tutorial on how to tune my injectors.
    Jared (UpRev) For being so great at getting me a working ROM and hacking it to work with my Treadstone downpipe even though I bought the cable from a forum member
    AllSentra Forum (everyone) For posting so many great thread I used in my research and for being a great community, I would have never modded my car if it wasn't for this forum.
    All those who gave me great deals on parts and miscellaneous stuff I bought from the forum.
    Greg (From BRM) For hooking me up with a good deal on the exhaust and also trying to find a way to make me a one off Mid Pipe (hopefully he can)

I hope I have not forgotten anyone and if I did I am truly sorry and will add you to the list. This would not have been possible without all your help.

Now that the Thank You's are out of the way, here is my parts list:

    AEM Wideband Air / Fuel Gauge UEGO (digital)
    Chromolly rear engine mount
    Uprev Osiris Tuner edition
    4 Upgraded 440cc Fuel injectors
    TurboSmart 38mm Wastegate
    Treadstone Manual Boost Controller (NEW)
    Cast Turbo Manifold
    Treadstone TR8 Intercooler (NEW)
    Holset HX30 Turbo
    Walbro 255lph
    Treadstone Vacuum block in black
    AEM Digital Boost gauge 35 psi
    Aeromotive A1000-6 Injected Bypass Fuel Reg.
    AEM Digital Volt Gauge
    Treadstone complete Black Powder Coated Stealth Aluminum Pipe Kit
    HKS SSQV 4 Blow Off Valve
    Treadstone Air Filter
    SER Denso Iridium Spark Plugs (one step colder)
    Treadstone ECU Bracket
    DEI Titanium Exhaust Wrap with LR Technology 2" X 25'
    Treadstone Battery Relocation Kit
    Treadstone Pro Oil Kit 36" line
    B16 304 Stainless Steel Down Pipe for Turbo
    AEM Digital Oil Temp Gauge 100-300F
    AEM Digital Oil Pressure Gauge 0 to 100 psi
    Spec Flywheel
    Spec Clutch Stage 3+
    Goodridge G-Stop Brake Lines Kit
    Hawk HP+ Brake Pads
    Stop Tech/Power Slot Performance Rotor
    Kartboy Exhaust Hangers (12mm)
    BC Coil-overs
    TWM Short Throw Shifter
    TWM Shifter base bushings
    TWM Big Type R Weighted RL shift knob, Gun Metal
    Rims VIP Status, Wedsport SA-67R "Replicas", with blue lip
    2jr Lightweight Standard Crank Pulley
    Dot4 Brake Fluid
    Mutul 5w40 Engine oil

I am planning on ordering in the near future:
    BRM Cat Back exhaust 3" with resonator
    BRM One Off MidPipe 3" (If Greg can find a way to make it happen)
    2JR parts as they come out
    Meth injection
    Finishing my return fuel line
    Mechman H/O >=220amps alternator
    XS Power Battery
    Motor Mount Window/Water Weld

I am planning on adding hopefully next summer:
    ARP Hardware
    Bigger Injectors (Already Purchased)
    Fuel Rail

If I think of anything else I will add it here

Again I would like to thank everyone who played a part in making this possible. Boost is awesome.

Update1: Pictures from the Turbo Install At Jesses. (http://s1176.photobucket.com/albums/x324/axelrtgs/Car/Turbo%20Install%20at%20Jesses/)

Update2: After 2 weeks of no boost, finally got my new wastegate installed so now I have boost and man what a difference a quality wastegate makes in spool time.

Update3: Finally got some work done on my gauges

So I did some work on my car today, it's still a work in progress but the results so far are spectacular. Here are some pics as its hard to describe.


I still have to do some work on the gauges. The ones in the pocket don't sit just right so I have to adjust them by sanding down some more plastic. Eventually I'm going to fix it do it all looks normal without the holes

Got my Treadstone Manual Boost Controller installed and what a difference it makes, ill have some pictures of this soon but for now i thought id post a funny picture of my car on the lift and showing almost/less than stock gap.


Put my Treadstone intercooler in and diagnosed a small issue i was having with rattling last Saturday.

How low can you go:

Cutting the tow hook off final results:

Don't forget to lift this tab to get the bumper off to cut the tow hook easier:

The secret to being very low:
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By vc3qsym
Great list. I only see issues with the injectors.
Have any pics of the wheels? Or a link? Never knew you had wheels either lol.
By axelrtgs
I am planning on upgrading the injector for now with the little boost i am going to run their fine, i have a set of 660cc but i need to find the pigtails to make them work.

I have pics on my car but i don't have them with me here is a pic of the Wedsport, mine look exactly the same but VIP Status
By axelrtgs
Just need to get the Downpipe fit to my Holset, and see if the fitting I got for my oil feed line is the right one :) i cant wait, the exhaust shop is busy so he can only start working on it on Wednesday but the car is there in case he can start earlier. After that i have to put my radiator and fluids in, connect the oil line and finish the intercooler piping. Do a double check to make sure everything is in order and BAM I'm ready to tinker with UpRev.
By vc3qsym
I turboed mine and a month later it was snowing, and parked. It sucked so bad lol. Then I drove it 2 months in the summer and now its down for awhile..
Don't follow in my footsteps
By vc3qsym
I'm sure its a 7psi spring. The normal rule of thumb is you can double the wastegate spring. So a 7psi=13ish psi max.
Turn the boost all the way down and see what it runs for boost off the gate.
By axelrtgs
I cant wait. Thanks for the encouragement.

Jason. I don't have a boost controller I'm running solely off the waste gate.

Shane, any time. It was a pleasure working with you an getting things done. I'll pass by one day when I have some time and show you the finished product in person.
axelrtgs wrote:Don't worry I am planning on having it running for a long while. Is there any way I can verify what spring is which with my waste gate?

Depending on the manufacturer, the springs usually have different colors, and the instructions will tell you which color is what.
By vc3qsym
You should have had the choice of which spring came in it when you bought it. I'm assuming it will have a 7psi spring, though.
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