:thumbup: update
as soon as i got this thing, straight to the track.

heres the video the first 1 is on 10 psi in the day and the second is 7.5 psi in much colder weather like 25 degrees watch it and tell me what you think.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nncLWCU ... el&list=UL

:thumbup: treadstone turbo kit :thumbup:
bosch 550cc inj.
tr8 intercooler
hks ssqv III bov
treadstone blanket
treadstone manifold
turbonetics 50 trim @ 12psi
turbonetics evolution wastegate
turbonetics manual boost controller
osiris tuned by me
p2r tbs
walbarro 255lph fuel pump
custom NRG torque dampener
twm short throw shifter
3" custom mandrel exhaust by Eastside Muffler
custom water/alcohal injection. 15gph on 43psi.
all piping color matched to the car
sitting on 245/45/17 falcon azenis


springs= eibach pro kit
full front brace
strut bar
rear upper brace
custom mounts

custom grill
gti look by plastidip
lip splitter difusers
blacked out wheels (duplicolor wheel coating)
blacked out grill (plasti dip)
tint (1% on back and tintbar, 2% on front)

aem wideband, auto meter ultra lite boost boost guage, sunpro temp and voltage guage. uprev osiris tuner.
custom made pod by sharkey
battery relocation to the spare tire compartment

and the "DRIVER MOD"
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By Tonez
Very nice man! When do you get the turbo kit?

This has been added to your profile. :thumbsup:
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By Tweed
my track is 1000 ft, 12.99 is the fastest ive ran, they say u add 1.5 sec at that speed to get estimated q/m. unfortunately i wont be able to run it again in n/a form. i ordered the treadstone kit with the full osiris and 600s. so hopefully ill be in the high 12s :thumbup: . dude this shit is an addiction for me bad. but a good one. i will run the car at famosa real soon and shoot every1 a timeslip. oh ya and thanks tonez, they said they are shipping it today or tomarro.
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Hey another BLUE :D Nice ride. Thats great you are getting the Turbo kit. I will be getting one this fall with the Uprev also if everything works out. Cant wait to see how you get everything setup.
Will keep an eye on your progress.

:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
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By Man Whore
it looks fast..n shiney
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By Man Whore
like i said...looks fast lol
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