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By jamaul08
Current Mods:
-Tint (%32,%20)
-Sentra badge removed
-RedlineTuning Hood Quicklifts ELITE
-CMOD Grille
-EZ Lip

-Morimoto Mini H1 5.0 Bi-xenon 2.5" projectors
-Morimoto 3Five H1 35w 5000k bulbs
-Morimoto XB LED Halos (White)
-Lamin-X (yellow) foglight covers
-LED Reverse and License Plate lights
-LED Map and Dome Lights
-LED Parking Lights

-Razo Type 340 Shift Knob
-K&N Short Ram Intake
-Weapon R Race Header
-2JR Exhaust - Magnaflow 2.5" Stainless with High-Flow Cat
-Lightweight Pulley from 2JR
-Uprev ECU Flash/Tune from 2JR
-H&R Sport Springs (~1.5" all around)
-RacingLine Solid Lower Torque Mount

Upcoming Mods:
-JWT C1 Cams
-New Headunit (Pioneer, Kenwood, JVC...not sure yet)
-TWM or RacingLine Short Throw
-Tweed brace kit

http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/4802 ... 846669.jpg
http://img571.imageshack.us/img571/9479 ... 125049.jpg
http://img341.imageshack.us/img341/9146 ... ccarsh.jpg
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By nissanguru
Nice lookin ride man!! Where you at in Ga? Im in Northeast Atlanta.
By rtorresb16
Nice. Love the black. And yea where do you stay? I live up in Dalton, Georgia.
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By jamaul08
nissanguru wrote:Nice lookin ride man!! Where you at in Ga? Im in Northeast Atlanta.


I live in Conyers off I-20 East.
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By jamaul08
The lazy tint guy rescheduled me for today :( grrrrrrrrrr

Hey, where can I get some yellow H11 fogs? Or maybe yellow overlays?
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I love the Black :thumbup: :welcome: And what Rose said ;)
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By jamaul08
K, awesome. I'll get some fogs ordered today. Might be redoing the Plasti-Dip spray on my grille this weekend.....some of the chrome is showing through >.<

EDIT: Just ordered the yellow 100w H11 fogs off ebay. Only $15!?!?! Those the right ones?
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By jamaul08
Grille is looking much better now :) Plasti Dip ftw. The spray I used before sucked and the chrome was starting to show through.
My yellow fogs came in, will install tonight or tomorrow.
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By nissanguru
jamaul08 wrote:
nissanguru wrote:Nice lookin ride man!! Where you at in Ga? Im in Northeast Atlanta.


I live in Conyers off I-20 East.

oh ok nice not too far from me. I'm in Gwinnett county in the Suwannee area.
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By jamaul08
cas3214 wrote:what bulbs you use for the parking lights? they look bright as shit. :thumbup:

I actually ordered one of the "not so bright" ones lol. These were the cool white wedge CW6 with a 35-degree beam angle.

You can get even brighter!

I ordered from http://www.superbrightleds.com

Recommended by nissanguru, check out the LEDs he put on his car: viewtopic.php?t=8758
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By nissanguru
Glad you like them bud!!! I'm glad you took my suggestion!! They are definitely a good website! They look great! Where did you get your HIDs from?? Do they light up the road pretty well??

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By jamaul08
Got my HIDs done at Custom Tint & Sound in Covington, GA. Originally, I purchased a kit from DDM tuning, but the wiring harness was defective. I brought my car to these guys and had them wire me up a custom harness, grounds, etc. Honestly, the whole install was a nightmare and cost me about $220.

Right now they are working pretty well, but every 5 days or so the car won't start... I have to wiggle the positive terminal connector then the car is fine for a week. Also, if I hit large bumps (or dump the clutch) the headlights flicker.

I think something is just loose, going to troubleshoot it tonight.
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