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By rhenry01
So that brings us up to the present. I went down to Texas and bought the car back and drove it home last weekend. I have been working on the WRX for a while and it looks like I'll be working on it until next summer. So now I have the Sentra to hoon around in again and this weekend I'm taking it to Memphis International Raceway and participating in the NASA autocross out on the road course. I'm taking my GoPro so I'll have some video to share very soon.

So what is in the future? Springs, shocks, camber plates, 15" Tracklite's with track tires, NX Front Brakes, Maxima Rear Brakes, B14 Master Cylinder, Megan Racing Header (only because the flex pipe is blown out right now.) and I'm going to talk to my friends At Import Performance Shop in South Haven MS about a SR20DET setup. Not only that but I'm going to relocate the battery to the trunk and perform some strategic lightening on the car.

I don't want to turn it into a track only car because it will be my backup daily driver, but I want it to be quick wherever I take it. But because I have the WRX, the Sentra's RallyCross days are probably over.

Next weekend I want to do the NASA HPDE at Memphis International Raceway and on Dec 1st I want to go to the track day at Talladgea Grand Prix. Video to follow!

Hopefully I have given you an example of what can be accomplished on a very tight budget. Now get out there and race!
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By obsidian
Well i was going to comment that the turbo setup wouldn't be as good for the little dirt devil being on the rally circuit but you've already explained that away.

I REALLY like that car! Super clean and well done! Good buy for dirt cheap!
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By rhenry01
Today was day one of the NASA Midsouth Autocross event at Memphis. This is the first chance I have had to drive the Sentra in anger since getting it back last week. And it did not disappoint. I finished 11th out of 28 and won my class. My friend Matt drove the car too and he came in 18th. Most of the cars that finished in front of me are cars that are modified for autocross. The Sentra is basically stock. Not too bad for the first time out. I ran out of tire long before I ran out of car or skill. The tires are old Sumitomo 195/60-15's that have been on the car way too long. I have a set of lightly used Direzza StarSpec's that I'm putting on for next weekend's HPDE.

Here is the list of finishers:

1 '88 Honda CRX 69.657
2 '91 Nissan 240sx 69.659
3 '88 Honda CRX 70.394
4 '06 Mazda Miata 71.623
5 '92 Chevy Corvette 73.061
6 '92 Eagle Talon 73.449
7 '12 Ford Mustang GT 74.042
8 '06 Pontiac Solstice GXP 74.130
9 '95 Pontiac Firebird 74.379
10 '11 Hyundai Genesis 75.038
11 '93 Datsun Sentra 75.533 <---
12 '05 Subaru WRX 76.044
13 '94 Mazda Miata 77.325
14 '06 Mazda RX-8 77.392
15 '12 Ford Mustang GT 78.003
16 '84 Porsche 944 Spec 78.417
17 '91 Toyota MR2 78.823
18 '93 Datsun Sentra 79.549
19 '95 Toyota T100 80.250
20 '11 Dodge Challenger 81.614
21 '00 Porsche Boxter 81.679
22 '12 VW Tiguan 81.735
23 '98 Baby Grand 83.016
24 '87 BMW NSX 88.941
25 '86 Porsche 944 Spec 93.710
26 Lotus 7 95.353
27 ''86 Porsche 944 Spec 95.363
28 '98 Baby Grand Monte Carlo 98.543

And of course the video of my fast run:
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By rhenry01
Day 2 of the NASA Autocross in Memphis. They opened up the track to make it faster and lengthened it. This really helped the cars that have horsepower. I finished 13th out of 28, still in the top half but I really would like to do better. After having driven RWD cars on paved tracks for the last 4 years I need to get familiar with FWD characteristics again.

1 '88 Honda CRX 72.657
2 '08 Subaru STi 72.862
3 '88 Honda CRX 73.234
4 '99 Porsche 911 997 73.773
5 '06 Mazda Miata 74.277
6 '06 Pontiac Solstice GXP 75.510
7 '92 Eagle Talon 75.711
8 '12 Ford Mustang 76.601
9 '05 Subaru WRX 76.833
10 '08 BMW M3
11 '95 Pontiac Firebird 78.030
12 '11 Hyundai Genesis 78.538
13 '93 Datsun Sentra 79.132
14 '08 Subaru STi 79.169
15 '12 Ford Mustang GT 79.380
16 '86 Porsche 944 Spec 79.716 0.336
17 '84 Porsche 944 Spec 80.085
18 '12 Ford Mustang GT 80.253
19 '91 Toyota MR2 81.024
20 '08 BMW M3 81.082

There were 8 more drivers but their times wouldn't cut/paste

Here are some pictures from a photographer Named Steve that posted them on Face Book. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151227874202192.482391.632002191&type=1&l=9b842e1d5c

Here is my fastest run of the day.
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By rhenry01
I found a number of things I need to do to get the car back up to it "Stock" best. I heard a clanking sound as I went over even minor bumps and after poking around a little I found my sway bar end link bushings were gone, no just worn out, completely gone. I also noticed that that the sway bar bushings were looking a bit dried and cracked. Such is the fate of a 20 year old car. I'm sure there are many more rubber parts that are worn out so I just ordered an energy suspension master kit for the car. I'll be putting those on as I get time. I'm sure this will help with some of the body lean as well as lifting that rear inside wheel in sharp cornering.

195/60-15 340 tread wear rating tires aren't the greatest autocross tires. I'm going to buy some new wheels and tires solely for the track. That way I can still daily the car if the need arises or drive it to the track and change out the wheels there. and in order to keep from peeling the edges of the tires off I'm going to try some camber bolts. If it doesn't give me enough camber I'll look at camber plates if (and after) I replace the springs because that will give me a little more camber. On my 240SX I can get 5 degrees of camber with lowering springs and camber bolts.

The flex pipe on the exhaust is shot. I think I'll replace it with a Megan Racing 4-2-1 header. I don't really want to spend the money on parts that would not be usable if I swap to a GTi-R turbo engine but I can include it with the engine when I sell it.

Springs/Shocks are an option but I have to consider my choices carefully. Springs will hurt the car in classing for sure. Shocks on the other hand will not, but I have no idea how much help the shocks will be out on course. I know what shocks do and how they do it, I just don't know what my return on investment will be. And could that money be used elsewhere and make a bigger difference?

Brakes leave a lot to be desired. I think I'll head out the the junk yards and try to find some Maxima rear calipers and NX fronts. I'll also upgrade the master cylinder to a later model year Altima unit. I also want to upgrade the rotors and put on some more aggressive pads.

No, nothing drastic and I'll do the upgrades in increments so that I can determine the differences each new part makes.
So the first of many parts orders has arrived. A shifter bushing, sway bar bushings and most importantly ...... A NISMO grill badge! As the B13 How-To section is a bit barren I think I'll take lots of pictures of the install.

Here are some pictures:

Suspension Parts (2) Resize.jpg
Suspension Parts (2) Resize.jpg (208.38 KiB) Viewed 2115 times

Suspension Parts (4) Resize.jpg
Suspension Parts (4) Resize.jpg (197.96 KiB) Viewed 2115 times
I was at Memphis International Raceway today (Friday) doing early registration and Tech Inspection. My friend Richard was there doing Tech. At the last event he told me he would bring me a set of Kumho's that he took off his SpecE30. He told me he they were in great shape and he would let me have them at a good price. I didn't expect much. Well he had them with him and they are in fantastic shape, way more than half the tread left with even wear and he sold the to me for $40! WOW! 205/50-15 Ecsta's with 180 tread wear rating! I now have a set of tires for the Talladega Grand Prix Track day!

Tires (1) Resize.jpg
Tires (1) Resize.jpg (184.89 KiB) Viewed 2103 times

Tires (3) Resize.jpg
Tires (3) Resize.jpg (182.4 KiB) Viewed 2103 times

Tires (4) Resize.jpg
Tires (4) Resize.jpg (166.2 KiB) Viewed 2103 times
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By rhenry01
I ordered a set of Raybestos reman front semi-loaded calipers, AD22VF's, with the hardware kit and torque members for $37 a side. Now I have to get some track pads to put in them. I'll also need some Rotors which I'll get locally and some stainless braided brake lines. I'm heading to the junk yard to find some rears.
I didn't get front brake rotors because I couldn't figure out which ones to buy. On Rockauto.com they didn't list the dimensions so I had to email tech support to get the correct part number. It took them about 5 minutes to respond to my email with the part number. They are now on order. This Saturday I am going to hit the junkyards to find that set of Maxima rear calipers. Once I have those I will order the correct rotors (J-Spec NX2000 rotors) which I have the Beck-Arnley part number for and a brake hardware kit. I'll also look for that Altima master cylinder.

When I get all these in hand and ready to install I'll order the Hawk track pads. All this should take care of the brake fade I was experiencing during the NASA Track Day at Memphis International Raceway.

I have to order a new Koesi K-1 from Tire Rack too. When I was rotating the tires I noticed a bend and the local wheel shop wants $125 to straighten a $115 wheel.
First thing, I love this car and what you have done with it!

Second thing, this has been added to your profile.

Last thing, WHY CAN'T I FIND A DEAL LIKE THIS ONE?!?!?! lol!

Awesome work Rick, keep it up!
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