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Hey there, yes B16 Sentra is an H13 for the low beam. The hi beam uses the same base but a different filament within the bulb fires. Some HID kits will not include a hi beam at all, others maybe include a small halogen bulb to function as a secondary hi beam. There is also bixenon kit which has both the hi and low beam as HID.
Where are you getting your HIDs from? I have actually been a wholesaler in HIDs for about 10 years and can get you a kit depending on what your preference is. I currently have 5k HIDs on my 17 SR Turbo...:)
If you're going to install hids consider taking the time to do it safely and correctly by retrofitting projectors in the housing
Hids in the stock reflector will scatter the beam all over the other side of the oncoming part of the road, blinding them.
Retrofitting projectors isn't very difficult to do and the beam output will be more focused than the stock pattern.
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