eXcude wrote:How's that alt liking being right next to that snail? Probably gets crispy eh?

this is a problem

you can run a smaller 2j race alternator

or as i did

keep the down pipe at 2.5" [rest of exhaust is 3"]

wrap with lava wrap
keep the turbo blanket fresh

finally had to lower output
to be able to press it hard on track day

started at 394whp now track tune is 330whp
[except for drag tune on e85/93 oct mix still at 360]

1 session at AMP
and the wiring looked like this
Image20161014_120052 by Barry Belgard, on Flickr

since the restore and lower hp at the wheels
with the new lava wrap and better turbo blanket

i have been able to run it hard
even in the 90 degree weather

with no overheating ,detonation or fried wires

so far so good

the new 2jr exhaust manifold angles the turbo away from the alternator
reducing much of the heat problem

a heat shield for the alternator was tried by some
with limited success
Nice... I've been toying with getting a B15 SpecV project car. They're cheap and get plenty of love/support it appears.
Looking good, you got more flowers on your hood then I got in my yard :D

Kidding, nice work man keep it up.
fully enjoying driving the restored car
so much so, i have decided to take it one step further

before i start on the cosmetics

at 1st this will sound crazy but after talking to the local wizards [of nitrous of course]
they have convinced me

you see i have a new hobby
roll on racing

for this,
instant turbo boost is required
for now, i have been standing on the brakes and throttle
at the same time, to get the turbo to spool at the start

my poor brakes

a small shot of nitrous, in the intake,
post maf

will cool the intake charge
[helpful in the 90-100 degree temps i run in]

and increase the volume and temp of the exhaust
producing instant turbo spool

i already have all the parts
[except such small jets]

not much to install
but tuning under nitrous will take a dyno run

this will be limited shots
intended to aid turbo spool;

not really as a power adder
5sec or less, 3200-5000 rpm ,at most

what i intend to use
Imagenxmainelinekit by Barry Belgard, on Flickr
RA1s ship next fri
going to the dragon on all 235s
RA1s up front
and R1Rs in the rear [softer tire intended for auto-x, but works well for me on the lighter rear end]

still using the 5zigins in 17x9, 20mm et

slicks are almost to the cords
no holes left in the tread wear indicators

lasted abut 1500-2000 miles of street running
[40 wear rated]
ImageDSCN0537 (2) by Barry Belgard, on Flickr
sorry for poor pics

as you can imagine, 16lb of boost, lowerd car, 12kg springs
ans slicks

excel here

dem stones, dem stones
they break me'bones
ImageDSCN0580 (2) by Barry Belgard, on Flickr

they bounce and trounce
and toss around me'every once
ImageDSCN0570 (2) by Barry Belgard, on Flickr

pitter, patter,
my tires the stones do scatter
ImageDSCN0582 (2) by Barry Belgard, on Flickr

15mph is the speed limit see
if i do more than 25, then i can't pee
ImageDSCN0584 (2) by Barry Belgard, on Flickr

cause by then i'm a milkshake see
btw, thats my home rd, tee hee

kinna, almost, sorta like
"over the river, up the mountain, and into the woods"
there is contact with the outside world

where blue ray disks from netflix
magically appear

and disappear
i hear they are called mailboxes here
ImageDSCN0569 by Barry Belgard, on Flickr
Back from the dragon
but did not get to run

developed a boost leak and a fan fuse problem
but had great fun anyway
ImageDSCN0668 (2) by Barry Belgard, on Flickr

took over 6 hours in heavy traffic to get home
Image20170821_180122 by Barry Belgard, on Flickr
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