Had her for about 3 weeks now, only thing I've done so far is add a roof spoiler, working 4th brake light, tints, LED lights, and I have an intake to install when I get around to it. Enjoying every minute of it though.

By NismoB17
Very nice I almost got the grey but I ended up paying a little more for the Pearl white do you have the Bose??
By Jnismo17
Yes fully loaded. Added a roof spoiler, spaced out the wheels, added an intake, changed 80% the lights to LED
By Milehigh5000
Wow same color as mine...only I have the SR Midnight Edition.

Looks great man! Looking forward to seeing future updates.
Nice to see the Nismo go from concept to reality. Gorgeous performance car with all the right stuff and a real manual transmission option :thumbup: I have only seen one ever driving down the road and I am yet to see one on a new car lot (been searching on autotrader for new 2017 cars and only a couple in the MD/DC area at moment)!
Sounds like a interesting replacement for my 2014 SL.
2013 B17 Ocala FL

great looking car

NISMO Floor Mats.

may I know where you found those floor mats?

New Nismo Sentra Owner.

I like it a lot. Everything that I wanted in a car[…]

Sorry to hear all that man. As for the CEL, good […]