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By Daman77
[size=150]Hi Guys, long time Nissan Fan, Just picked up a used 03 Sentra, starts and runs perfect, previous owner told me, it had overheated and they replaced radiator,thermostat and water pump, I test drove it for 15 mins, ran good., BUT when I went to drive it home, it started overheating on Highway after 20 mins , had to pull over and cool car off before it got home. Took to certified mechanic for oil change and he said it "MAY" be head gasket, because it seems combustion gasses don't allow coolant to spread. ..Car has NO constant white smoke, just a small puff when it starts, I took off thermostat and let cat run for about 30 mins, before it overheated. Oil Looks fine, no antifreeze mixed with are working and NO coolant leaking...please help me, what can it be? it's 1.8, with 150k miles....thanks[/size]
By Daman77
The car was "burped" earlier, I've changed ECT and tested engine with engine block LEAK tester and it passed, No combustion gasses detected.... Car was on for 1 hour yesterday mainly in Idle, but I did drive about 1/2 mile 3 different types, twice the Needle Goes all the way to "H" then would quickly go about 1/2 way....also NO HEAT, could this be a Heater Core issue? The 2 hoses to heater core, are luke warm at best, car blows cold air, but has coolant?.. Thanks so much for help
By yogib777
no heat may indicate low water
in the radiator

turn the heat on full temp setting
set the fan on higher numbers

if no heat and hoses cool
low water,
heater core blocked?

fans come on,
t-stat good [there are 2, one controls water to the head, check that one too

make sure you run both

i might change both t-stats next

some weird thoughts
on my modded cars sometimes over advanced timing , ether ign or cam timing, can do this too
not likely here
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