By Souljah_B16
Damn man... this thing has really come together nicely. Good to see you still have the bug. Good work :thumbup:
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By eXcude
Souljah_B16 wrote:Damn man... this thing has really come together nicely. Good to see you still have the bug. Good work :thumbup:

Thanks mang, probably not as bad as some people. But I definitely have had my vision come together. Remove the factory restrictions, get some wider wheels w/more rubber and lower it. I'm not satisfied with the lowering springs, I'm itching for coilovers next.

The car is fun as hell fully bolted, pleasantly surprised :D
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By eXcude
Heh, there's fun and then there is all out power corruption :D
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By eXcude
Couple of quick snaps with my new phone in the front yard of my new house, not bragging just hoping the pics looks nicer. :D

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By eXcude
Thanks, I've been in it for almost 5 months, still settling for the most part.

I really want to upgrade the suspension next... but wife makes a good argument. Why replace struts I just put on 15k miles ago? I'll probably end up waiting for them to wear down.
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By HyBr1D
Looks good, man! Once you go coilover all that goes anyways, heh. I agree with Barry, while you wait do some side projects like chassis work.. won't break the bank and your car will handle better. Once you get the coils in you'll be more astonished! heh.

BTW, Irma didn't kill Red... :)
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By eXcude
It's near impossible to find any struts that are rated for the Spec-V trim, so coilovers seem to be the wisest choice.

I'm also toying with the idea of keeping my struts and putting OEM springs back on (I still have them) and running stock in the winter. Coils in the non-snow months so I don't get stuck, which is very possible with a Noreaster.

Jury is still out, all my extra money is going into a coilover fund, so side projects would cut into that. The parts ya'll are suggesting are hard to find too ? Nissan did a good job of stiffening up the Spec from baseline. I for the most part feel the car handles very well, just need more dampening and a touch more low.
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